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Hornitor was one of the two Ectomorphicon Titans under the employ of Ivan Ooze. Like its name suggests, the machine looked a lot like a giant hornet. The machine was bipedal and was capable of firing bolts of destructive energy from its antennae, it was also capable of flight. Although imposing, both machines along with their boss were imprisoned by Zordon and his Order of Meridian. 6000 years after his imprisonment Ivan was freed by Lord Zedd. After betraying him, Ivan enslaved the parents of Angel Grove to dig up the massive machines. Hornitor was the first one to be dug up and brought online and afterwards both machines wreaked chaos in the city. When the power rangers returned (they went to another planet to acquire a power to restore Zordon, who had been gravely injured by Ivan), they used their new zords to destroy Scorpitron. Enraged Ivan combined with Hornitor and took on the rangers himself. Both Ivan and Hornitor were destroyed when the rangers lured him into space in their Megafalconzord. They put him into the path of Ryan's Comet which killed him.


Scorpitron was the other Ectomorphicon used by Ivan Ooze. Although it was smaller than its "brother" Hornitor, it was no less dangerous. In addition to its powerful grasping claws it could also fire a purple laser beam from its tail. Like its master, Scorpitron was imprisoned for 6000 years by Zordon. When Ivan was reawakened he immediately began to dig up the machines. Scorpitron was the last to be dug up and brought online. When the Power Rangers returned, they use their new zord to attempt to neutralize it. Billy, the blue ranger, was able to use his Blue Wolf Ninjazord to destroy Scorpitron's tail. Scorpitron was finally destroyed by Tommy, the White Ranger when he used his Zord's missiles to blow it into a thousand pieces.

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