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"Red Ranger, I'll see that you pay for this, if it's the last thing I ever do."
―Ecliptor's vow of vengeance to Andros after the latter seemingly kills Astronema; his second to final words.[src]

Ecliptor was Astronema's second-in-command and her adopted father. He raised Astronema after she was kidnapped by Darkonda, teaching her to be evil; he does have compassion though. His name may be a pun off of the word "Eclipse".


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Ecliptor was one of the most lethal fighters in the known universe and the veteran of countless battles. It is believed that he is responsible for the catastrophe on KO-35 that caused the settlers to evacuate. Nobody seems to know where Ecliptor came from adding a greater sense of mystery to this legendary warrior. Ecliptor has worked with the villainous bounty hunter Darkonda in the past and since then has formed an immense hatred for him.

Although his true motives are unclear one thing is certain, he seems fueled by his hatred for Andros the Red Space Ranger (probably because he thinks Andros will turn Astronema good). Ecliptor has followed Andros to numerous planets with the intention of destroying him once and for all. Ecliptor's immense power and strength make him more than a match for Andros or any other Ranger. However, he did save Andros from being killed by Darkonda on one occasion, presumably out of not wanting Astronema to finding out one day her brother was killed by one of her monsters.

Ecliptor was built, not born, as a creature of evil. He was charged with raising the captured Karone into a life of evil, so that she would become Astronema, Dark Specter's most devoted acolyte. It is sometimes implied that Ecliptor is more devoted to keeping Astronema safe than to his evil cause, which would suggest some kind of love, or at least a protective instinct.

Ecliptor was rivals with Darkonda, a bounty hunter who worked for Dark Specter to capture Karone. Darkonda treats Ecliptor with disdain, always trying to one-up him. Darkonda can also merge with Ecliptor to form a powerful entity named Darkliptor. In this form, Darkonda is dominant, but Ecliptor can force them apart if he is strong enough. Ecliptor has even killed Darkonda on three occasions, during one of which, he saved Andros from a booby trap.

When Andros found out that his long-lost sister, Karone, was Astronema, Ecliptor attempted to keep them apart, in order to prevent Astronema from learning the truth. He failed, and Astronema returned to the side of good as Karone once again. Ecliptor remained devoted to his princess, defending her against the attacks of his own forces. He was branded a traitor and was captured by Darkonda. Later, Ecliptor was brainwashed by Darkonda to be fully evil, driving out any protective instinct he may have had towards Karone. It was this reprogrammed Ecliptor who captured Karone in order for her to be brainwashed into being Astronema again.

Towards the end of the Ranger's conflict with Astronema, Ecliptor gained an upgrade, turning red for a time. In this super-powered form, he destroyed the Delta Megazord before his new power expired, turning him back to normal.

When Andros inadvertently delivered Astronema a mortal wound during a battle, Ecliptor appeared as she lay dying. Breaking free of some of his programming, he rushed over to his princess, asking Andros how he could have done this to his own sister. He vowed to avenge her death, and the two began a heated duel. After being beaten by Andros, he crawls to Astronema's apparently dead body. Andros then destroys Zordon's energy tube. The destruction sends a wave of energy that dissolves Ecliptor into a pile of sand. He is the first of many Zordon-era villains to be destroyed.

Split History

Ecliptor sneaked aboard the Spectrum II, before Lord Drakkon attacked him. When XI and Trini Kwan arrived to help Drakkon, Ecliptor called them off, explaining that he may be able to help them free Zack Taylor, Jason Lee Scott, and Astronema from the S.P.D Onyx prison. Comicicon.png COMIC STORY- Power Rangers (Boom! Studios) Issue 5


Ecliptor is a merciless and brutal being who delights in combat and destruction. In fact, Ecliptor is the only villain in the United Alliance of Evil who is not interested in ruling the universe. His primary objective, aside from protecting his princess Astronema, is the destruction of Andros.

Despite this, Ecliptor has show to have some kind of paternal affection towards Astronema. This feeling is stronger than his evil motives. Ecliptor treats Astronema as both his queen and his daughter, offering advice when needed. He is always quick to reaffirm that Astronema is, and always has been, evil - although this is not the case. When Astronema learns the truth about her past, Ecliptor confesses that she was not born evil, and that he raised her to be evil. His love for Astronema ultimately culminated in him allowing her and the Power Rangers to escape Dark Specter's trap.

Unfortunately, when he was captured by Darkonda, Ecliptor was transformed into a being of pure evil, with no feelings towards Astronema. When he discovered her sneaking aboard the Dark Fortress, he was quick to capture her and delivered her to Darkonda to suffer the same fate he had.

Despite Dark Specter and Darkonda's alterations, Ecliptor retained vestiges of his original personality. He remained intensely loyal to Astronema and even supported her secret plot to overthrow Dark Specter. He also continued to despise Darkonda, and was quite happy when the newly brainwashed Astronema ordered him to throw Darkonda off the Dark Fortress.

When he was in the final moments of his life, Ecliptor managed to free himself from some of his programming and regained the paternal love towards Astronema he once felt. When Astronema was accidentally killed by Andros, he grieved for her and swore revenge on Andros. Ecliptor's undying hatred of Andros and his loyalty to Astronema proved to be his downfall. His last act was shielding Astronema and attempting to stop Andros from destroying Zordon's energy tube, knowing it will destroy him and the United Alliance in the process.

Due to his kindness and loyalty towards Astronema, even when she'd turned to the side of good, it seems strange that he was destroyed by Zordon's energy wave while far worse villains such as Rita, Zedd, and Divatox were given a second chance at life. It is most likely due to the fact that Ecliptor was - by his own admission - created a creature of evil. Furthermore, considering that Zordon's wave demorphed the Rangers - including Andros - Ecliptor might have taken the opportunity to finish Andros off had he survived.

Powers and Abilities

A general in Dark Specter's evil armies, Ecliptor is shown as one of the most powerful warriors in the universe at the time. With a disciplined and fearless mindset, a borderline invulnerable body and a vast array of powers at his disposal, Ecliptor acts as a nigh-unstopable force in battle, being able to best the Rangers and the Zords in individual and group fights on several occassions. The only individuals at this point who could fight him on a somewhat equal footing at this stage was Darkonda and the Red Ranger.

After being captured, reprogrammed and fitted with machine implants, Ecliptor gained an added set of abilities to his already respectable arsenal. He managed to fight and momentarily gain the upper hand against Psycho Red and was even shown holding his own against all five Psycho Rangers for a few moments, although he was overwhelmed by their strength and numbers.

During his infiltration on the Astro Megaship and the base where the Zords were help, Ecliptor empowered himself from the energies and gained incredible power. He went on a gauntlet of battles where he bested the Silver Ranger, destroyed the Delta Megazord, damaged the Mega Voyager and fought the remaining Rangers in a 5v1 battle where he held the upper hand for most of the fight before his extra power ran out and he ended up defeated.

  • Absolute Strength: As one of the main antagonists of Power Rangers in Space, Ecliptor has a absurd level of physical strength. On their various fights he was shown being capable of casually overpowering and tossing the Rangers arounds like ragdolls. One of his biggest feats of raw physical strength was how he broke Andros' Spiral Sabre (which was said the former to be made of the strongest steel in the universe) with one hand and seemingly little effort.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Aside from his strength and fighting skill, Ecliptor is virtually indestructible. He's been shown taking incredible amounts of damage that would have destroyed lesser monsters and creatures, from blasters to sword slashes and remaining unfazed for most of it. Even against the Rangers, the Pyscho Rangers or Darkonda, they struggle to inflict lasting damage on Ecliptor's body. Even when they manage lethal damage as seen during his fights against the Ranger's Megazords, Ecliptor was shown back on his feet at peak performance within a few days time. Ultimately the only thing that managed to kill Ecliptor was the energy wave generated by shattering Zordon's energy tube.
  • Master Swordsman: Ecliptor's primary method of combat, he's a master of swordplay who's been shown going toe-to-toe or even besting other highly skilled swordsmen in the universe, such as Darkonda, Psycho Red, Andros and Zhane. He uses a large, claymore-like sword with a single hand and when he's fitted with cyborg implants, he switched to a scimitar like blade with a set of buttons he could use to trigger special attacks.
  • Body Detachment: Ecliptor can detach his head from his body and have both parts act independently from each other; while the body engages swordplay and hand to hand combat, the head will run interference with eye beams or simply ramming foes.
  • Hologram Projecion: Ecliptor projects a three-dimensional transparent image of himself or his head into the air and from it he can see what it sees and fight through it, albeit the image seems to be immovable.
    • Illusions: Ecliptor can profect multiple illusions of himself to confuse enemies.
  • Eye Beams: Ecliptor's trademark energy attack. By raising his hand into his face, then pointing at the target, he can fire a pair of energy beams from his eyes. The blasts are remarkably powerful, usually taking down the Rangers in one or two volleys and even destroying one of Darkonda's lives in three shots.
    • Remote Eye Beams: Ecliptor can also fire the beams from his holograms, though these have a more lightning-like appearance and a somewhat wider area of impact.
  • Tractor Beam: Ecliptor can produce a red lightning-like beam that can capture, lift up, and throw people or things around with great force.
  • Size Increase: Unlike most monsters which require the aid of the Dark Fortress beams, Ecliptor can increase his size and power to that of a giant at will.


Ecliptor's sword

  • Sword: Ecliptor's primary weapon is his sword which like him is black with green lines.
    • Sword Blasts: Ecliptor can project powerful energy blasts from his sword.
    • Mirror-like Projection: When enlarged, Ecliptor can generate a mirror- like world around himself, creating multiple variations of him.
      • United Energy Slash: All Ecliptor variations can energize their swords with green energy and slash their enemies at full force. This was powerful enough to knock back the Astro Megazord.
  • Brainwashed Sword: Ecliptor's sword, like him, was also upgraded after his brainwashing; the sword now had sharp edges on the blade and also had three buttons on the hilt which allowed him to do special attacks with his sword.
  • Claws: Ecliptor has a rack of razor sharp claws that can shred through steel.


  • When creating illusions of himself to confuse his enemies, Ashley the Yellow Space Ranger can use her lightstar helmet ability to pinpoint the real Ecliptor.
  • Ecliptor makes a cameo in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy in a flashback of Karone's in the episode Facing The Past.
  • Cyborg Ecliptor's sword was later wielded by the Mut-Org Rofang in Power Rangers Wild Force.
  • Despite being very similar to his Japanese counterpart, it should be noted that Ecliptor's relationship with Astronema mirror those of Dr. Hinelar toward Shibolena and not Yugande.
  • Ecliptor's story is similar to that of Adjutant Booba of Changeman: an evil knight-like character working with the villains who works for and protects one who was formerly good and who ultimately becomes sacrificed even while working for their happiness.
  • Judd Lynn, one of the long-time producers and writers for Power Rangers, revealed an idea he had for a possible alternative origin for Ecliptor. In Lynn's story, Ecliptor would have been created by veteran Ranger Billy Cranston in an effort to create an artificial Power Ranger. However, Ecliptor's choice to take the path of evil would have led Billy to develop the Phantom Ranger powers and assume that mantle in an effort to atone for his failure.[1] This idea is intriguing given Ecliptor's antagonism of Phantom Ranger in the series, but never came to fruition.
  • His appearance is based on a 3D wireframe model.
  • One of several plot points which were dropped for either time constraint or budget limits involves Ecliptor as it is hinted in episode 15 by Darkonda that he conceals a secret from Astronema regarding the depth of their relationship.
  • The red-caped form was only seen in some Megaranger footage. Most of his appearance features him in Yugande's second form in both (most) Megaranger footage and original footage.
  • His word comes from Eclipse.
  • Ecliptor is one of villains who didn't die for good the first time, but instead returned without explanation. The others are Elgar, Deviot, White Dino Ranger (clone) and Zeltrax.



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