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Ebi Origami drawn in Engine soul style

The Ebi Origami (海老折神 Ebi Origami, lit. "Lobster Folding God") is ShinkenGold's main Origami with the form of a lobster. He created it with the power of his electronic mojikara, though the challenge was to fill it with more powerful mojikara to make it even move starting out until it was finally completed. It can transform into the tertiary mecha called DaiKaiOh.

Ebi Origami can attack opponents with energy discs thrown from its claws, though this is a rare occurrence, as the DaiKaiOh form has many advantages over the lobster mode.


Appearances: Shinkenger Episodes 17-27, 29-32, 34-37, 39-49

Samurai Giant DaiKaiOh

Samurai Giant DaiKaiOh (侍巨人ダイカイオー Samurai Kyojin Daikaiō, Samurai Giant Great Ocean King) is a samurai giant that is formed from the Ebi Origami having undergone the "Samurai Transformation" (侍変形 Samurai Henkei), initiated by ShinkenGold entering the kanji for "change" ( Hen) on the Sushi Changer. After transforming, ShinkenGold announces the completion with "DaiKaiOh, peerless under providence" (ダイカイオー 天下一品 Daikaiō, Tenka Ippin). DaiKaiOh has four modes that are signified by a different face and cardinal direction, each with a different Electronic Mojikara.

East Mode

DaiKaiOh Higashi (ダイカイオーヒガシ Daikaiō Higashi, from "East" ( Higashi)) is the default mode that has the electronic Mojikara of "light" ( Hikari) and a red face. After mode changing, it announces "To to! Higashi!!" (とぉーとぉー!ヒガシ!! Tō tō! Higashi!!).

It uses the lobster claws on its shoulders as weapons to execute its Lobster Claw True Payback (海老ばさみ本手返し Ebibasami Honte Gaeshi) attack.

West Mode

DaiKaiOh Nishi (ダイカイオーニシ Daikaiō Nishi, from "West" (西 Nishi)) is the defensive form that has "wind" ( Kaze) as its Electronic Mojikara and a green face. After mode changing, it announces "Alright! Nishi!!" (おっしゃー!ニシ!! Osshā! Nishi!!).

It uses an iron fan, made from Ebi Origami's tail, to deflect attacks.

South Mode

DaiKaiOh Minami (ダイカイオーミナミ Daikaiō Minami, from "South" ( Minami)) has "heat" (熱気 Nekki) as its Electronic Mojikara and a blue face. After mode changing, it announces "What! Minami!!" (ナンと!ミナミ!! Nan to! Minami!!).

In battle, it uses twin katana, made from Ebi Origami's face and antennae, as its weapons to perform the Lobster Sword Daimyo Fillet (海老刀大名おろし Ebigatana Daimyō Oroshi) attack.

North Mode

Main article: Ika Origami

DaiKaiOh Kita (ダイカイオーキタ Daikaiō Kita, from "North" ( Kita)) is the mode that combines with the Ika Origami, to become Ika DaiKaiOh (イカダイカイオー Ika-Daikaiō), with an angry yellow face. After mode changing and combining, it announces "It's here!" (キタキタキタキター! Kita kita kita kitā!) and ShinkenGold announces "Ika DaiKaiOh, armed under providence" (イカダイカイオー 天下無双 Ika Daikaiō, tenkamusō).

In battle, it uses the Ika Origami as a spear. Using the "thrust" ( tsuku) Electronic Mojikara, Ika DaiKaiOh can deliver its Spear Squid Charge (槍烏賊突貫 Yariika Tokkan) finishing attack.

Shin Samurai Gattai DaiKai ShinkenOh

True Samurai Gattai DaiKai-ShinkenOh (真侍合体ダイカイシンケンオー Shin Samurai Gattai Daikai-Shinken'ō, lit. "True Samurai Combination Great Ocean True Sword King") is the combination of ShinkenOh and DaiKaiOh.

The Ebi Origami becomes golden samurai armor for ShinkenOh, replacing the entire upper body, which folds back and allows the Kame and Saru OriGami to hold the mecha's twin swords.

It can perform the Niten Ichi-ryū: Turbulence Slash (二天一流 乱れ斬り Niten Ichi-ryū: Midare Giri) attack with the Lobster Swords. The Shinkenger announce the completion of this combination with "DaiKai ShinkenOh, united under providence" (ダイカイシンケンオー天下統一, Daikai-Shinken'ō tenkatōitsu).

Appearances: Shinkenger Episodes 24-27, 29, 35-37, 39-40, 42, 44, 47-49

Other Combinations

Samurai Formation 23

Samurai Formation 23

Samurai Formation 23

The Samurai Formation 23 (サムライフォーメーション23Samurai Fōmēshon Tuentisurī) is a formation between SamuraiHaOh and Engine-O G12. In this form, ShinkenOh, DaiKaiOh, MouGyuuDaiOh, Kyouretsu-O, and Engine-O G9 use the Ika Tenku Buster to execute the Samurai Engine Super Grand Release (侍・炎神・スーパー大開砲 Samurai Enjin Sūpā Daikaihō) attack.

This formation is exclusive to Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-onger: Ginmaku Bang!!.



  • It is nicknamed Ebizo by Genta and as noted by Ryunosuke, the name is respected in Kabuki theatre. Act 19: Learning the Samurai Disposition
  • All of the announcements DaiKaiOh make contain puns on the directions they are based on.
    • The kanji for "East" can also be read as "tō".
    • The kanji for "West" is read in Mandarin Chinese similar to the pronunciation of shā (しゃー)
    • The kanji for "South" can also be read as nan.
    • The kanji for "North" is a homophone for the Japanese phasing of "it's here".

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