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Earthquake Saima Beast Quakeross (地震サイマ獣クエイクロス Jishin Saimajū Kueikurosu, 5, 42-43) is a Psyma Beast under Beast Baron Cobolda.


Cobolda creates this Psyma Beast to both take advantage of a weak dam and to try and hold down GoGoFive. With Quakeross's abilities, he searched for people who had certain astrological signs, upon which he turned them into trees which would be enough to cause a massive earthquake, breaking the dam and flooding the city; likewise using Psyma barrier magic, he prevented GoGoFive from keeping in contact with one another or making contact for other weapons or back-up. Matoi arrived in the area prior to the full realization of the scheme with Kyoko, yet as a boy who was within the area watches his father turn into one of Quakeross's trees. As Matoi tries and fails to take on the Psyma Beast alone, Kyoko inspires the boy to run for help to try and get some assistance. The rest of GoGoFive does arrive when they notice the activity around the dam and the lack of communication from Matoi, where they encounter the boy and back up their older brother. Eventually with the boy and Kyoko's help, the barrier is destroyed and the team destroy Quakeross first with the Life Bird, then with Victory Robo.

This monster was later summoned by Chaos when he and Salamandes brought the GoGo-V to Hell but Chaos lost control when his staff was broken. This monster's soul was swallowed by Salamandes in order for him to escape from Hell.


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Powers and Abilities


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He has various tree-based abilities, including the ability to create vines for constriction and the ability to stuff acorns that transform people into trees. He also has a great knowledge of magic and astrology, using his astrological abilities to find people to use to create the earthquake to destroy a dam, as well as Psyma magic which blocked all GoGoFive technological signals from being used within the area and prevent communication or the Life Bird from reaching the team.

Behind the Scenes


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  • His design is based off of trees,

Concept Art


  • His name comes from the word "quake".


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