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Earthquake is a comic story based on Power Rangers Megaforce, which was printed as part of the 21st issue of Panini's UK Power Rangers Magazine.[1]



Admiral Malkor sends his latest monster Xxarter to destroy the Mega Rangers. At the park, the Rangers are enjoying a picnic when suddenly the ground starts to shake causing a statue to sink into a hole, as Jake runs to investigate a group of Loogies jump out of it. While Noah does some calculations on his phone Troy, Emma and Gia morph and deal with the Loogies in no time. Seconds later, the rock monster Xxarter climbs out of the ground and knocks the Rangers flying so Gosei beams them back to their Command Center and tells them that the only way they can beat the monster is to work as a team. The next day, the Rangers are at football training when Xxarter appears again so they morph. The Blue Ranger gets an idea, he grabs the Black Ranger and tells the others to lure Xxarter to the centre circle of the pitch. Xxarter shakes the ground so the Red Ranger distracts him while the Blue and Black rangers turn on the sprinkler system and in no time the pitch turns to mud and Xxarter sinks into the ground. It does not hold him for long as Admiral Malkor's Zombats turn Xxarter into a mega monster. The Rangers summon their Mechazords and form the Gosei Great Megazord. Xxarter strikes knocking the Megazord down, Emma believes as the monster draws power from the earth they need to separate him from it. The Megazord gets back up and starts to attack with targeted strikes knocking Xxarter into the air and away from the ground causing him to fall apart until there is nothing left.[2]




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