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Earth Ship (アースシップ Āsu Shippu) is a space-born satellite controlled by Skyforce in Choujin Sentai Jetman.

Earth Ship was the main Skyforce base where all of their main research and experiments were conducted for the protection of Earth from any threats that would come against it. It was here where Commander Aya Odagiri conducted the experiments on Birdonic Waves which were being prepared for five warriors to become the Jetman in order to become their newest weapons for the protection of the planet. Using a device known as the Force Down to transfer Birdonic energy to humans, these experiments allowed for Ryu Tendo to become the first successful subject of Skyforce's work, becoming Red Hawk, the first Jetman.

However, the Dimensional War Party Vyram saw Earth Ship and Skyforce as an immediate threat to their own conquest of Earth when they decided to invade the "Front Dimension" for the first time. In order to prove their massive power, Back Dimensional Count Radiguet forced a direct attack on the satellite leading to its destruction. During the chaos, Skyforce soldier Rie Aoi falls from the ship to her presumed death, while the Force Down used for the Birdonic experiments is destroyed, throwing the Birdonic Waves within them to four unsuspecting Earth subjects. With Earth Ship destroyed, Commander Odagiri saves Ryu and retreats to the Earth base of Sky Camp, which becomes the Jetman's main headquarters.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 1: Seek the Warriors

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