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Earth Imperial Empress Laraba is the mother of Earth Imperial Commander Baraba

Character History

She attempted to assist her son by defeating Ground Beast Devil Doggler in order to get the Imperial Underground Sword. However, the two of them were blown away by Devil Doggler’s powers and were separated on Akasuna Mountain.

When Maskman attempted to fight Baraba and Devil Doggler, Laraba appeared out of nowhere, her leg broken and no longer able to walk. She asked the Maskman to take her to her son, but only Akira accepted her plea. He did so because she had told him Baraba was her only child and she had raised him by herself. Akira, feeling a connection to Laraba as he was raised by a single mother himself agreed to take her to Baraba, she told Akira she wanted to live out the rest of her life with her only son.

Akira carried Laraba on his back through the mountain. During this, Akira, seeing the concern and love in Laraba was convinced that the Underground People and the Humans could live in peace, to which she also agreed.

However, upon reaching the injured Baraba, Laraba revealed her true nature: a cold, heartless warrior of a woman who was more obsessed with her family’s standing as proud warriors than that of Baraba’s well-being. Wanting to prove herself as a more stronger warrior than her “weakling son,” she dismissively pushed Akira aside and charged ferociously at Devil Doggler. Although she managed to wound Devil Doggler, he ended up killing her.

It was with the witnessing of the death of his mother that Baraba defeated Devil Doggler and obtained the Imperial Underground Sword.


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Behind the Scenes

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