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Earth Force is a mysterious mystical power locked away within the Earth itself, usually depicted in-series as a pillar of steam emerging within the planet (such as seen during the Changeman roll call) and a bolt of lightning descending to the Earth. According to legend, many people have gained access to the power in the past, becoming creatures read in legend. Though the power seemed merely fiction, commander Yui Ibuki saw this as a possible trump card for the management of the Great Star League Gozma, which he knew was coming to the Earth to conquer it, and formed the Dengeki Squadron to train soldiers with potential to use it and to find the source of Earth Power, giving the squadron watches to capture the power when found. When five of his soldiers were bathed with Earth Power during the Gozma invasion, Ibuki proved his theory and began to use the Changeman created through the power and his training to fight the alien threat. Although the Changeman can fully harness the power, overexposure and overusage can rip their bodies apart without rest.Ep. 1: Arrival! Secret Power!Ep. 2: The Wrath of Star King Bazeu

Other planets

A similar power exists within all beings the Changeman encounter throughout the universe, each of which is tied to their home world. The concept is first introduced due to the incident with Taro from planet Atlanta, who reveals his own possession of Atlanta Power to Tsurugi despite having been mutated into a Space Beast serving Bazeu.Ep. 7: The Sad Space Beast Warrior!

Notables that assist the Changeman include the powers of planets such as Rigel, Amanga, Merle and Heath. Planets closer to their own planetary power may end up awakening it even at birth even if they're born on a completely different world, such as what happens with the birth of Navian Kukku, who exhibited Navi Power even after being born on Earth.Ep. 51: Nana!! Tell Him!



Gokai Power Bazooka

The Earth Force is the Greater Power of the Changemen in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. The mysterious yet very powerful energy utilized by the Changemen during their tenure as an active Sentai team. The Changeman Greater Power summons the Earth Force of all the Changemen and stores it within GokaiOh's Gokai Ho (similar to the formation of the Power Bazooka shell after the team unlocked all of their Earth Force) then fires out the cannonball-like mass of energy with immense force in the attack known as the Gokai Power Bazooka (ゴーカイパワーバズーカ Gōkai Pawā Bazūka).

The Changemen's Greater Power was taken by Basco, wiping out the Earth Defense Force as a result and taking the Greater Power using his Rapparatta from a male EDF member. Obviously, this man was a Changeman, but his face wasn't shown, so his identity is unknown. He could be either Hiryuu Tsurugi (Change Dragon), Shou Hayate (Change Griffin) or Yuuma Oozora (Change Pegasus). Ep. 31: Crash!! Secret Operations

After the Gokaigers defeated Basco, it was formally issued by Shou. However, it still remains unknown if he was the EDF member that Basco had attacked or not. Ep. 49: The Greatest Treasure in the Universe

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