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Earth Demon Beast01

larval Earth Demon Beast

Earth Demon Beast (地球魔獣, Chikyū Majū, 43-50): When Demon Beast Daitanix is killed, a piece of its flesh ended up within the Earth itself and slowly evolved into a new monster form, the Earth Demon Beast. The Barban then decides to make him the new host of their castle. However, having just been born, the Earth Demon Beast was not big (though he was still a very large creature) or strong enough, so Destruction King Battobas attempts to give him the Extreme Growth Extract eventually succeeding with the monster now fully grown but at the cost of his life, despite the Gingamen using their combined Earth Power at the last moment to prevent him from growing. Chapter 49: The Mountain of Miracles


Full grown Earth Demon Beast

At full size, the beast possessed immense brute strength, could breathe fire, and was able to fire deadly bursts of energy from his claws. The Gingamen realize the only chance they have to destroy him without the chance of creating a new beast from possible remains, is to incinerate his body with immense fire. During the battle, having attached the castle to him, Captain Zahab confronts Gingaman which increases the beast's fighting abilities. The beast puts an excellent fight to which BullTaurus uses up most of its power to destroy Zahab's castle so Hyuuga could fight Zahab elsewhere and also weaken the beast's fighting power to give the others a fighting chance. After a hard battle, the beast is killed by a sustained burst of fire from Super Armor Shine Gingaioh's Great Galaxy Flame attack after gaining a power boost from Steel Starbeast GigaPhoenix and Steel Starbeast GigaRhinos allowing the incineration to dissolve the beast's body completely.


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