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"Impossible. Try this."
―The villain's final words before his first death.

Earth Curiosities Beast Anagmas (地奇地奇獣アナグマス Chiki Chikijū Anagumasu) is an overweight beast who knows all. As the wise-man of Tube, only he is allowed access to read the library of ancient documents and sacred writings regarding the history of the Tube civilization which is hidden deeply within caves underground. Only showed up twice before his death. He later intervenes with trying to keeping Zeba's origins a secret. However, he was killed by the Maskmen with the Jet Cannon. He is then enlarged and was destroyed by the Galaxy Robo.


  • Igara Doggler (イガラドグラー Igaradogurā?, 19) – Thawed out by Zeba, it was used in a plan by Anagmas to defeat the Maskmen by being enhanced. With Igam and Baraba, Igara Doggler overpowers the Maskmen until they use the Shot Bomber to blast the Doggler monster to bits. This monster was enlarged and was destroyed by the Great Five.
  • Dokuro Doggler (ドクロドグラー Dokurodogurā?, 20) – A skeletal monster sent to support Anagmas' plan to eliminate the Great Five, it assumes the identity of Kotsuhi as she targets Momoko. Luring her to a trap through the students, Kotsuhi overpowers Momoko. Momoko manages to defeat this monster as herself and then assumes her Maskman form to finish Dokuro Doggler off with the Shot Bomber. Once revived, this monster battles the Great Five and was destroyed. Her discarded bones explode to complete the plan to bury the Great Five.


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