This article is about a/an Evil Zord in Power Rangers Turbo, the third season in the Zordon Era .

The Eaglezord was an evil "Divazord" piloted by Divatox and is the first Divazord to be unleashed.


The Eaglezord was built by Porto on the Moon sometime between "Carlos and the Count" and "Little Strong Man"  along with its fellow Divazords

After the failure of her scheme to capture Justin and determine where he got his super strength, Divatox hired a space taxi and took her Zord to Earth using the taxi as a cockpit. When the Rangers arrived, the Zord stamped but they rolled and summoned the Rescue Megazord It fired on the Megazord but it shrugged off the laser so it picked up and threw down the Rescue Megazord. She tried blasting it again but has no effect so she tries spinning around to make it stumble back before unleashing a massive beak beam. It only knocked back the Megazord but the Hawkzord wouldn't stop spinning so she was forced to retreat so that it was repaired. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Little Strong Man

The Eaglezord was later summoned to help the Catzord and Sharkzord destroy the Rangers. The Rangers quickly summoned the Rescuezords in High Stance Mode with the Robo Racer joining them (having recovered from being thrown down by the Sharkzord getting free). The Eaglezord fought the Robo Racer and later blasted all of the Zords with its beak blast. The Zords then combined their firepower into an energy ball finisher which took down all of the Rescuezords and the Robo Racer. Everything went wrong when Divatox made Rygog over-rev his Zords which gave the Rangers the chance to recover, get back up, and form the Rescue Megazord. When the Rescue Megazord had knocked back the Catzord, it tried to intervene but the Turbo Megazord came in and punched it away. After the Megazords summoned Artillery Power, it tried an ariel strike but the Turbo Megazord obliterated it with the fireball cannon. It was the first Divazord to be destroyed. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Parts and Parcel

Powers and Abilities

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  • The Eaglezord was the first Divazord to appear and also the first to be destroyed.
  • The Eaglezord shares the same name as several other Zords, most notably the Yellow Eagle Wildzord.
  • Much like the Catzord, the Eaglezord does not appear in the episode "The Rival Rangers".
    • This is due to there being no shot of the three Zords together as the Sharkzord only appeared in Angel Grove during that episode and not on the Moon where it was being hidden.



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