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""I'm bisorry!""
―EE Musubinofu's final words before his death.[src]

EE Musubinofu (エンエンムスビノフ EnEn Musubinofu, 45) is a love letter-themed Gorotsuki and Bowzock's best marriage master.

Character History

GSC-EE Mosubinofu alt

EE Mosubinofu alternate form

Musubinofu was used by Deputy Leader Zelmoda to cheer up his friend, President Gynamo by suggestion of Reckless Dash Emperor Exhaus. His plan was to use this alien to force Beauty Zonnette into marrying Gynamo through some sort of legality, to the point that the duo together would finally blow up Earth as a honeymoon present. He could shoot arrows with a photograph in the middle, and whatever he hit (living or otherwise) fell in love with the subject of the picture. Kyousuke Jinnai faced him down in combat without transforming to prove his love to Zonnette, stabbing him with a sword prior to its growth, where it is killed by a combination of Radietta Fanbelt's RadiaCar and four of VRV Fighters (minus Fire Fighter) with the Victory Twister attack.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

  • EE Mosubinofu is the only known Gorotsuki defeated by the RadiaCar.
  • His name comes from Musubi (結び) , which means “ending” or “union.” It also refers to the knot of an obi, (a sash for traditional Japanese dress).
  • His motif is that of a love letter.
  • EE Mosubinofu is the last Gorotsuki killed by the Carranger; the remaining ones (the four Zokuranger and Space Cockroach Goki-chan) all survive beyond the end-game and live through the final episode.

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