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"What are you looking at? How about a little vacation? See ya!"
―Dysotron to the rangers befores of transport them.[src]

Dysotron is a dice themed monster. He serve as the minor antagonist of the episode" Golden Boy".


Dysotron attacked Reefside. He was attacked by Thundersaurus Megazord. Dysotron used his power to transport Rangers into the Arctic. However Dino Rangers outsmart him and reflect rays of the monster on him, returning them to the city. Rangers use their power to destroy Dysotron.


Dysotron is quite cunning and unpredictable. He is very intelligent as he managed to transport rangers into the Arctic. It is shown that he takes pleasure from his mission to attack Reefside and fight the rangers.

Powers and Abilities

  • Transportation: Dysotron can teleport things to different places. As he teleported himself and rangers into the Arctic.
  • Puff Blizzard: Dysotron can puff a cold wind to his enemies.

Behind The Scenes



  • It is unknown who created this monster.
  • Dysotron is the first monster in Dino Thunder, who appeared only in the beginning of the episode.

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