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"Damn you........I can use Plasma-X's power to do this too!"
―Dynamoian Terry X's first words being enlarged
"Hey, you. You're an ESPer, aren't you? Transformation into battery complete."
―Dynamoian Terry X's first words
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Character History

Dynamoian Terry X (ダイナモ星人テリー Dainamo Seijin Terī X, 47): An Alienizer who absorbs the lifeforce of ESPers and turns them into plasma batteries. He is confronted by Hoji and Jasmine a few years back when they were yet rookies and almost killed them (specifically wanting to absorb the lifeforce of Jasmine due to her being an ESPer) but they are rescued by their senior, Leonian Gyoku Rou, the first DekaRed of the SPD Earth branch. This is the fatal accident that paralyzed Gyoku Rou and forced him to retire. Deleted by DekaWing Cannon.


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Modus and Arsenal

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Behind the Scenes

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