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"So this is the limit of this planet's space police? Too easy. Hey, yellow ESPer. I'm turning you into a battery too. Begone!"
―Dynamoian Terry X's first words via a flashback after capturing Hoji and Marika.[src]

"So you still had another companion?! You bastard!"
―Terry X when confronted by Gyoku Rou and his final words before his apparent death many years ago.[src]

"Oh yeah? Heh heh. I came following the scent of supernatural power...and it's the space police from that time. If it isn't blue blood Blue and yellow beak Yellow? Baby chicks! Your equipment is much better than back then. But you should give up. You don't want to end up crippled like that guy."
―Terry X when confronted by Hoji and Jasmine many years later.[src]

"Damn you... I can use Plasma-X's power to do this too!Terry X before using Agent Abrella's upgrade to grow."
―Episode. 47: Wild Heart, Cool Brain

"I'll grind you into dust!"
―Terry X'after growing.[src]

―Terry X reacting to the DekaWing Cannon's finishing attack coming at him and his final words before his deletion.[src]

Dynamoian Terry X (ダイナモ星人テリーX Dainamo Seijin Terī X, 47) is an Alienizer from planet Dynamo.

Character History

A coil-themed Alienizer from the planet Dynamo who absorbs the life-force of ESPers (people with superhuman abilities) and turns them into plasma batteries called "Plasma X" for him to sell on the black market for massive profits. Terry X has stolen the life-force of ESPers from 445 planet and has been active for many years since at least before the founding of the Special Police Dekaranger. Terry X is widely considered one of the worst criminals in the history of the Special Police Dekaranger and had long been approved for deletion. He came to Earth in order to further his goals during SPD's fledgling days but was confronted by Hoji and Marika a few years back when they were rookies and before Koume and Banban ended up joining SPD. However, he easily captured them as part of a trap and prepared to steal Marika's life-force but they were saved by SPD Ranger Leonian Gyoku Rou, the first DekaRed of the SPD Earth branch who overpowered Terry X. However, when he turned to save his friends, he shot Gyoku in the back which would ultimately paralyze his leg and force a resignation. However, he managed to use his SP Shooter to cause some barrels around Terry X to explode and seemingly delete him at last. Unfortunately, this later proved to be untrue as Terry X somehow managed to survive.

Around fifteen years later, Terry X returns to Earth and begins his usual shtick but is once again confronted by Hoji and Jasmine (now the blue and pink Dekarangers) but he remained confident and beat them down easily. However, before he can take Jasmine's life-force, the other Dekarangers arrive and Terry X retreats behind a dust cloud due to being heavily outnumbered. He then meets with Agent Abrella and gets a special upgrade to his life-force batteries and continues his rampage later only to be confronted by the Dekarangers (sans Banban who is under observation by Gyoku Rou). He overwhelms them but Banban soon rejoins them and they manage to take down Terry X and even destroy his arm-mounted coil blasters. However, Terry X then uses the life-force batteries to grow giant and announces his intent to grind then out of existence. Ultimately deleted by DekaWing Robo's DekaWing Cannon Final Buster.


Banban's efforts in defeating Dynamoian Terry X lead to Gyoku Rou recruiting him into the Fire Squad (which he had founded to try and somehow defend the universe from Alienizer threats) at the end of the series.


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Powers and Abilities


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Behind the Scenes


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Concept Art


His name is derived from the words "Dynamo" and "battery"


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