This article is about a/an Venjix Attack Bot in Power Rangers RPM.

""Welcome to Omega City.""
―Dyna Bot's first words when he first appeared.[src]

The Dyna Bot is a Venjix Attack Bot that specialized in bombs and dynamite.


While the Rangers searched for answers behind Dillon's past, he was sent by Venjix, to ambush the Rangers, with the Grinders, in Omega City. He engaged the rangers in combat, and defeated them. In the nick of time, Gold and Sliver saved the Rangers and forced Dyna Bot to flee. Though he failed to defeat them, he did manage to put a bomb on the Project GO-ONGER van and it exploded, but the Rangers managed to escape. He was joined by General Shifter and the Venjix Virus. The Rangers were no match for the deadly trio, until the Gold and Silver Rangers arrived and helped. Venjix was persuaded by Shifter to flee while the Dyna Bot fought the rangers. Venjix reluctantly agreed and he and Shifter fled, leaving the Dyna Bot to fight the two powerful Rangers by himself. He was destroyed by the new Rangers' SkyShift Blazers.

Powers and abilities

  • Strength-Dyna Bot is an extremely strong Attack Bots being able to girl his bombs great distances and overpower the Rangers with ease.
  • Durability-Tne Dyna Bot has strong enough metal skin that a bomb exploding at his feet  and multiple strikes from the Cloud Hatchets had no effect and blasts from the Falcon and Jet Zords barely made him cringe.
  • Hand to Hand Combat-Dyna Bot is an extremely good hand to hand combatant, overwhelming all five Rangers easily.
  • Very Accurate-The Dyna Bot is accurate enough to pitch his bombs at the moving GO-ONGER and have it still effect the vehicle.


  • Bombs-The Dyna Bot has large bombs that he can throw with great explosive force.
  • Fists-Even without his bombs, the Dyna Bot was a very good fighter using just his bare fists


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