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"“You’ll need the help, because I’m a real heavy hitter!”"
―Dumbelltron's first words after Zoey called Commander Shaw for help from Ravi and Steel.[src]
"“This is heavy going!”"
―Dumbelltron's fnal words before his death.[src]

Dumbbelltron is a dumbbell/weight-themed robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Dumbbelltron was created offscreen by Robo-Blaze. He attacks Devon, Zoey and Nate and defeats them. He was about to finish them when Ravi and Steel arrive. Dumbbelltron is quickly destroyed by Ravi with his Beast-X Cannon. Then Ravi, using his gorilla strength and Steel's help free the others Rangers of Dumbbelltron's weight.


He is overconfident and cocky due to his strength and stability.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Strength: Dumbbelltron is strong enough to lift and throw a weight that's too heavy for three Rangers to lift. 
  • Hand to Hand Combat: He swiftly blocked all three of the Rangers attacks with his arms but was outmatched by Ravi.


  • Explosive Dumbbells: Dumbbelltron wields small dumbbells that can be thrown and explode like grenades.
  • Weight: Dumbbelltron wields a large weight to throw and crush his enemies.

Behind the Scenes



  • This is Barnet’s first Power Rangers role since Megahorn in Power Rangers Mystic Force, 14 years earlier.
  • Dumbbelltron is the first Robotron who does not have a Gigadrone counterpart in any way since even Digitron had his Gigadrone appear in the next episode. 
    • One of Boxertron's arena Gigadrones does wield Dumbbelltron's weapon and may be considered a possible counterpart to him, but in Go-Busters, Dumbbelloid was from a different episode and had a similar-looking but separate MegaZord counterpart. 
  • Dumbbelltron is currently the only Robotron so far to have three eye lights instead of four like most Robotrons.
  • Dumbbelltron returns in another episode of Beast Morphers : Evox Unleashed (Beast Morphers's finale), with Cycletron, Bulldozertron and Infernotron.

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