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"You’ll need the help, because I’m a real heavy hitter!"
―Dumbelltron's first words after Zoey called Commander Shaw for help from Ravi and Steel.[src]
"This is heavy going!"
―Dumbelltron's fnal words before his death.[src]

Dumbbelltron is a dumbbell/weight-themed Robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

Dumbbelltron was created off-screen by Robo-Blaze to try and destroy the Rangers. He attacks Devon, Zoey and Nate whilst they were investigating reports of his appearance and defeats them by throwing a giant weight on top of them. He was about to finish them when Ravi and Steel arrive. Dumbbelltron tries to outmuscle him but is picked up and thrown into a sign on an overpass like he was nothing and destroyed by Ravi with his Beast-X Cannon. Then Ravi, using his gorilla strength and Steel's help free the others Rangers of Dumbbelltron's weight.Boxed In (Beast Morphers)

Dumbbelltron, Cycletron, Infernotron, and Bulldozertron were all resurrected by Venjix to defend him after he deflected the Beast-X King Ultra Bow's Power Bolt. Dumbbelltron fought Zoey and Nate and tried to stop Steel from making off with said Power Bolt but was cut down and he was able to continue before being destroyed off-screen by Zoey and Nate likely by a double slash. Evox Unleashed


Dumbbelltron is overconfident and cocky due to his strength and stability.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Dumbbelltron is strong enough to lift and throw a weight that's too heavy for three Rangers to lift. 
  • Hand to Hand Combat: He swiftly blocked all three of the Rangers attacks with his arms but was outmatched by Ravi.


  • Explosive Dumbbells: Dumbbelltron wields small dumbbells that can be thrown and explode like grenades.
  • Weight: Dumbbelltron wields a large weight to throw and crush his enemies.

Behind the Scenes



  • This is Barnet’s first Power Rangers role since Megahorn in Power Rangers Mystic Force, 14 years earlier.
  • Dumbbelltron is the first Robotron who does not have a Gigadrone counterpart in any way since even Digitron had his Gigadrone appear in the next episode. The only other Robotron with this distinction is Railtron 2.0 (the final Robotron of the lot actually).
    • One of Boxertron's arena Gigadrones (Betadrone) does wield Dumbbelltron's weapon and may be considered a possible counterpart to him, but in Go-Busters, Dumbbelloid was from a different episode and had a similar-looking but separate MegaZord counterpart. 
  • Dumbbelltron is the only Robotron so far to have three eye lights instead of four like most Robotrons.

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