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"Surgery prince!"

The Dullahan Minosaur (デュラハンマイナソー Deyurahan Mainasō) was a Dullahan-themed Minosaur monster from the Warfare Tribe Druidon.

Character History

The Dullahan Minosaur is created from the negative emotions of Atsushi Miura, based on his self-centered belief that his failure to get married is not his own fault. The Dullahan Minosaur is seen fighting Canalo, Towa and Bamba and the other Ryusoulgers join the fight to battle the Dullahan which wounds up the Minosaur, gaining the advantage in this battle. However, the Dullahan Minosaur uses its special ability on Asuna which makes her to blind due to Atsushi's narcissism. After that, the Dullahan Minosaur retreats followed by Wiserue and Kureon. Later, it appears at the location where the Druidons chain Atsushi to a chair so that he can produce more negative emotions for the Dullahan Minosaur and become a Complete Body Minosaur. Later, the Dullahan Minosaur battles the Ryusoulgers again. When Canalo is able to convince Atsushi about his situation, he finally accept his fault and thus weakening the Dullahan Minosaur. Despite this, even Koh in the Dosshin Soul armor is unable to defeat the Minosaur and the six are defeated. However, Nada then appears in the Gaisoulg armor to attack the Dullahan Minosaur since it has selected the creature as its next strong opponent. Overwhelmed, Nada is able to obliterate the Minosair's blades with his Ancient Break Edge which allows Koh to finish off the Dullahan Minosaur with his Ancient Sonic Blow. Mortally wounded, it turns to ice before being obliterated and is unable to enlarge due to its immediate destruction.


Like all Minosaurs, due to being created from pure negative emotion based upon a singular desire, the Dullahan Minosaur was only capable of saying "sorcery prince."

Powers and Abilities


  • Strength: The Dullahan Minosaur was able to take out the Ryusoulgers with single slashes of its blades.
  • Dermal Armor: The Dullahan Minosaur possessed an innate armor as part of its body, allowing it to shrug off multiple slashes from Nada and Koh without getting a scratch.
  • Power Replication: The Dullahan Minosaur was able to mimic and replicate the powers of the Ryusoulgers' Ryusouls.
    • Energy Slash: After observing the TsuyoSoul's ability, the Dullahan Minosaur was able to unleash dark-green energy slashes from its arm blades.
    • Super Speed: After observing the HayaSoul's ability, the Dullahan Minosaur could move at super speed.
  • Blinding Light: The Dullahan Minosaur could cast a flashing green light that blinded only women that couldn't stand its Mirua's narcissism.
  • Enlarging: Just like all other Minosaurs, the Dullahan Minosaur could presumably enlarge itself using its host's negative energy. Due to its sudden destruction, it was unable to do so though.


  • Hand to Hand Combat: The Dullahan Minosaur was able to singlehandidly fight and defeat all six Ryusoulgers.


  • Power Dilution: After Miura accepted his fault, the Dullahan Minosaur's power diminished and lost its blinding light ability.


  • Arm Chines: The Dullahan Minosaur wielded a scythe chine on each arm and one as a tail but it utilized its arm blades for combat.

Minosaur Info

  • Minosaur Attribute: Undead Monster
  • Place of Distribution: Reversal Battlefield
  • Experience Point: 974

Behind the Scenes


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  • The Dullahan Minosaur was based on the Dullahan, a type of fairy in Irish mythology that resembles a headless horseman.

Concept Art


  • The Dullahan Minosaur was named after its mythological basis.


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