This article is about a/an ally in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, existing in a different continuity than the TV series.
"Very deep within each of us is an animal spirit waiting to be released. Close your eyes and look deep inside."
―Dulcea bestowing animal spirits to the Power Rangers[src]

Dulcea is a character from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. She is the master warrior of Phaedos who drove off the Tengu.


Initially, Dulcea distrusts the Power Rangers, even going as far as attacking Tommy Oliver, and only trusts them when they mention Zordon. Dulcea then leads them to the ancient ruins of the Ninjetti Temple, where she gives them the power of the Ninjetti. When asked why he is unhappy with his new power, Adam replies, "I'm a frog", and Dulcea cheers him up by calling him a handsome prince and giving him a kiss. It is possible that Dulcea's animal spirit is an owl, as she transforms into one as she bids the rangers farewell. Later, in her owl form, Dulcea saw six colorful beams of light leaving the planet, to indicate the Rangers had succeeded in gaining the Great Power, and wished the Rangers luck.

Strangely, Dulcea said that if she left the platform, she would age rapidly, but she did not age when fighting the Tengu.

Appearance and Personality

Dulcea wears a dark-green combat outfit (resembling a stylized bikini) and matching knee-high boots. She carries a fighting staff, which can be split into two short sticks. When spun in each hand, these sticks produce a loud whistling sound, causing pain to those nearby. She uses the noise to drive away the Tengu Warriors, who inform Ivan that it sounded like nails on a chalkboard.

According to an earlier version of the script Dulcea was a member of the "Order of Meridian" alongside Zordon. After the Order's enemies were defeated she returned to Phaedos and didn't hear from Zordon for centuries. She was also the only surviving descendant of the Nathadians, a race that brought the Great Power to Phaedos from another time and dimension. Legend had it that as the Master Warrior she was the only one who knew the secrets of the Great Power. She also had a green pet anteater-like creature named Snoggle who could speak in an alien language only she understood.


  • Dulcea appeared in the Sega Genesis and Game Gear versions of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.
  • Dulcea is present in the Parody Rangers Movie as Dulphea, who is known for sexually attracting the Red Ranger based on Jason.
  • Dulcea was played by Gabrielle Fitzpatrick; Mariska Hargitay's scenes were reshot with Gabrielle Fitzpatrick returning. Catherine Sutherland auditioned but was turned down. However, they liked her performance enough to bring her back in the future where she would later become Katherine Hillard.
  • Gabrielle Fitzpatrick was around the same age as the rest of the cast, making it unknown if she was supposed to have the appearance of a teenage girl or a young woman in-movie (in regards to her physical appearance, not actual age).
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