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"Isn't it big?"
―The Duke of Cards when he enlarged.[src]
"We made it!"
―Great King Ojaru's final words before his death.[src]

Duke of Cards.gif

The Duke of Cards (トランプ公爵 Toranpu Kōshaku) was a deck of cards-themed Gorma Minion who serves as the main antagonist of Gosei Sentai Dairanger the Movie.

Character History

Great King Ojaru

A strange man whose power involved the control of various magical artefacts. His main one involved a strange deck of cards: anyone touched by a card will become infected, first turning into a humanoid card, then ultimately into a playing card themselves. He also has a magic silk hat that can shrink down anyone trapped within it, as he does to Shouji, Kazu and Daigo, as well as can use a magic Ace of Spades for creating windstorms or for flying. When the Dairanger finally corner him, he uses four more magic cards to bring back four other Gorma Minions; but after enlarging and discovering the Dairanger had Dairen'oh, he decides to fuse all of them together into himself, forming Great King Ojaru. Though tough, the Dairanger finally cut him down with the Raging Hurricane Waves.

Powers and Abilities

  • Card Attack-Duke of Cards was able to fire forth explosive cards from his sleeves.
    • Monster Resurrection-The Duke of Cards was able to summon dead monsters from his cards to aid him in battle.


  • Sceptre-The Duke of Cards could equip himself with a long silver and blue sceptre to use in combat.


Behind the Scenes

Duke of Cards concept art

Great King Ojaru concept art

  • The Duke of Cards was never used in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2 although a picture of Great King Ojaru was used in the book "Arrival of a New Hero." [Citation needed]
    • This was because the movie footage cost extra and Saban being extremely frugal with their money to the point of firing three actors for wanting more than absolute minimum wage.
      • It should be noted that movie rights are usually a completely different purchase than TV rights.
        • Since this episode came out between episodes 8 and nine of Dairanger, Duke of Cards is the very first monster not adapted in Power Rangers history (not counting Gorenger to Liveman since they didn't start adapting series until Zyuranger).
  • All of the Gorma Minions summoned by Duke of Cards came from the first six episodes of Dairanger.
    • This is because the movie chronologically happens in the first ten episodes of Dairanger.


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