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Duke Org Yabaiba (デュークオルグ ヤバイバ De~yūku Orugu Yabaiba) is one of the main villains of Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.

Character History

Duke Org Yabaiba is the partner of Duchess Org TsueTsue where they serve as the comedy relief.

While attempting to impress Highness Duke Org Rasetsu, Yabaiba enlisted the aid of his brother Juggling Org, forming Team Circus to kill the Gaorangers. When his brother was overwhelmed by GaoKing, Yabaiba eats the Org Seeds to grow large and fight alongside Juggling Org, until he died while the seeds' effect wore off and restored Yabaiba to normal size. Though he failed to impress Rasetsu, Yabaiba earned TsueTsue's respect and fell in love with TsueTsue over the course of the series, devastated by her death. After Yabaiba managed to conceal the Matrix's whereabouts with massive landscaping, he receives a message from beyond the grave, provided the means to revive TsueTsue: Using a fishing rod and her horn energized with the power that killed her. Using Steam Engine Org as a sacrificial lamb, Yabaiba succeeds in reeling TsueTsue out of hell, only to find the Highnesses were revived as a result. Though he began to question the intention of their masters', he followed TsueTsue out of love. After surviving the cave-in of their base, Yabaiba followed TsueTsue as they teamed up with the Jakanja in Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger. He was finally killed by the two teams' Victory Gadget/Hyakujuuken combo along with TsueTsue, saying that they'll still be together in the afterlife.

Armored Yabaiba

While affected by residual energy from the Thousand-Year Evil, Yabaiba became Armored Yabaiba (装甲ヤバイバ Sōkō Yabaiba), which lasted until Highness Duke Org Ura was killed for good.


A crazed pierrot-like master of knives who claimed himself to be GaoYellow's greatest rival (Though the feeling wasn't mutual). He commonly blurts out That's yabai-bad! (これはヤバイバ! Kore wa yabai-ba!) whenever things got wrong for him and the other Orgs.

He is always seen with his partner Duchess Org TsueTsue, always trying to impress his Highness Duke Org masters and tried to get rid of other Duke Orgs (such as Rouki) that endangered his and TsueTsue's position.


Powers and Abilities


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  • Daggers


Behind the Scenes


Yabaiba is voiced by Kōichi Sakaguchi (坂口 候一 Sakaguchi Kōichi). His suit actor is Motokuni Nakagawa (中川素洲 Nakagawa Motokuni).


Yabaiba was designed by character designer Yoshiro Harada. Yabaiba is based on an Ibaraki-dōji.

Concept Art


His name "Yabai" (やばい) means "dangerous" in Japanese.


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