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Duke Org Rouki (デュークオルグ 狼鬼「ロウキ」 De~yūku Orugu Rōki, lit. Duke Org Wolf Ogre or Duke Org Wolf Demon) 15-18, 20-23, 26, 30: A wolf-like Org born from the mass of evil energy contained inside the Dark Mask, the Thousand-Year Evil (千年邪鬼 Sennen Jaki), he called himself the most powerful warrior of the Orgs.

Character History


Thousand Years Ago

Rouki's mask

Long ago, Shirogane used the mask to evoke his three Power Animals' combination at the cost of becoming Rouki himself. Vainly attempting to control himself, Shirogane had his allies seal him away into a stone coffin.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Quest 23: Rouki Dies!?

Present Day

Rouki (Coffin)

In the present day, he was released by Highness Duke Org Ura, and begins exacting his 1,000-year grudge on the Gaorangers with no memory of his human life. After his revival, he attacked the Gaorangers and managed to seal away GaoElephant.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Quest 15: The Org Howls!! Ura tried to ask Rouki to give him the sealed Gao Jewel, but Rouki refused, and stated that he will not be another Org's underling. Despite being an enemy of the Gaorangers, he healed GaoWhite when injured by TsueTsue. Later battling the Gaorangers, he summoned his Power Animals, and managed to gain the upper hand before leaving.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Quest 16: The Magic Flute Roars!! He appeared after the Bus Org was defeated and summoned his Power Animals, and combined them into GaoHunter Evil. Defeating GaoKing, he sealed away GaoGiraffe in the aftermath of the fight.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Quest 17: The Elephant Vanishes...

Employing Clock Org in his battles, he had him send the Gaorangers back in time while he dueled GaoRed alone. Clock Org was later defeated, but was revived as a giant by Rouki. After Clock Org was destroyed, Rouki summoned GaoElephant and GaoGiraffe, combining with GaoGiraffe into GaoHunter Evil Spear. As Rouki defeats the Gaorangers, they were saved by their Power Animals, and Rouki retreats for the time being.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Quest 18: The Demon Beast Armament!!

Rouki later senses a sealed Org cry out and goes to investigate. He found and broke the seal on Bike Org. He oversaw the battle between Bike Org and GaoYellow, keeping the other Gaorangers at bay as they dueled. During the fight, Tetomu defended the Gaorangers, and he began questioning her on her grandmother, Murasaki. After Bike Org was destroyed, he grew the Org and joined the fight against GaoMuscle in GaoHunter. While Bike Org was defeated, he managed to defeat GaoMuscle. As he tried to take Tetomu with him, GaoYellow defended but was defeated, with GaoBear and GaoPolar sealed as a result.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Quest 20: The Maiden is Captured!!

As Rouki slept, he began regaining his memories as Shirogane, and got attached to a stray puppy that wandered into his den. He interrupted the battle between the Gaorangers and the Human Body Specimen Org, the pup that he befriended was caught in the crossfire. Enraged, he attacked the Org. He later chased the pup away, reasoning he would get hurt if it had stayed. He later battled GaoKing, when a vision of GaoGod appeared pleading him to remember. Confused, he was defeated by GaoKing.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Quest 21: Rouki, Perplexed

When the Gaorangers battled Lawnmower Org, Rouki appeared, but instead he slashed at the Org. In the confusion, the Gaorangers destroyed Lawnmower Org and questioned Rouki, but he left. He was later accosted by Ura, TsueTsue and Yabaiba, with them implanting an insect in his mind to control him.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Quest 22: The Giant Bull is Broken!! Under Ura's control, he surrendered the Gao Jewels that he took from the Gaorangers. He battled the Gaorangers, but during the fight the full moon faded, and he reverted back to human form. Shirogane managed to explain the ritual he used to become Rouki before the moon came back, reverting him into an Org. Rouki and the Gaorangers continued their battle in their mechas, where Tetomu realizes the Evil Spirits are concentrated in GaoLigator. With GaoRhino and GaoMadillo, GaoKing Striker managed to free Shirogane from Rouki and destroy the mask.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Quest 23: Rouki Dies!? With the mask destroyed, Rouki's spirit was freed.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Quest 26: Rouki Returns

Rouki later returned and attacked Shirogane. As he was about to strike down GaoSilver, the rest of the Gaorangers rescued him. Rouki was later sealed back into a mask and taken by TsueTsue and Yabaiba. Rouki reappeared and attacked GaoSilver yet again, but was finally defeated by GaoHunter's Revolver Phantom, with his horn being removed and the mask destroyed in the process.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Quest 26: Rouki Returns


The Thousand-Year Evil Rouki was made of escaped and scattered, with Ura cultivating it in various Orgs. Each time an Org is killed, the evil energy become even stronger. When GaoDeers sealed the energy, Ura had the Dukes capture Shirogane, who forced him to reabsorb the stronger evil energy and become Rouki again. Shirogane was able to reject the power, unaware that it was all part of Ura's plan. The Thousand-Year Evil was then absorbed into Ura, but thanks to GaoIcarus, the Thousand-Year Evil was finally destroyed for good.Tvicon.png TV STORY-Quest 30: The Full Moon Kills the Wolf!

Video Game appearances

Super Sentai Battle Base

Rouki as seen in Battle Base.

Rouki is among the vast pantheon of villains which appear in the mobile game Super Sentai Battle Base.


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Powers and Abilities


  • Super Speed: He is able to move extremely fast to the point he only appears as a purple colored blur.
  • Gao Jewel Sealing: He is able to seal away Gao Jewels, turning the associated Power Animal to stone and preventing the Gaorangers from using them. At the same time, he can use the Gao Jewel instead, turning the Power Animal to fight against the Gaorangers.
  • Electrical Blasts: He was able to shoot blasts of blue electricity from his hands.


  • Full Moon Empowerment: His physical strength is increased when there is a full moon.


  • Dark Wolf Mask: He is sealed within the mask, as a result he was unable to unleash his full power without a host.


Crescent Moon Blade

Flute Knife weapon he used to summon his Demon Beasts

  • Crescent Moon Blade (三日月剣 Mikazukiken): Rouki's main weapon, large double-sided blade in a crescent shape whose attacks is the Crescent Wave (クレセントウェーブ Kuresento Wēbu) where he spins his blade a few times before letting out multiple yellow energy slashes attacks in a crescent shape and the Moonlight Sonic (ムーンライトソニック Mūnraito Sonikku) a yellow energy slash attack.
  • Flute Knife: Secondary weapon that is used primarily to summon his Demon Beast with the command ''Demon Beast Summon!''
  • Wolf Seeds (ウルフシード Urufu Shīdo): Like Duchess Org Tsuetsue, he has his own Org Seeds that can enlarge Orgs with the command ''Wolf Seeds, allow the fallen to regain their enormous wicked power!''

Behind the Scenes


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Duke Org Rouki was designed by character designer Yoshiro Harada.

Concept Art


Rouki's name means "wolf ogre" or "wolf demon" in Japanese.


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