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"Org Seeds, please allow the fallen to regain their enormous wicked power! Ogres, come in! Blessings go out!! (オルグシードよ、えゆかんとする邪悪じゃあくふたた巨大きょだいなるちからを!おにうちふくそと Orugu-shīdo yo, kieyukan to suru jāku ni futatabi kyodai naru chikara wo! Oni wa uchi! Fuku wa soto!!)"
―Duchess Org TsueTsue's command to make Baron Orgs grow.[src]

"No! Me too!"
―Duchess Org TsueTsue's final words before her death.[src]

Duchess Org TsueTsue (デュークオルグ ツエツエ De~yūku Orugu Tsuetsue, lit. Duke Org TsueTsue, 1-42, 47-Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger, Boukenger vs. Super Sentai) is an arrogant Org priestess who has powerful magical abilities.


She developed an instant hatred of GaoWhite for calling her "Grandma" (「お祖母さん」 "Obāsan"). She and Duke Org Yabaiba are often the comic relief. She is in charge of reviving and enlarging the Baron Orgs by using special soybeans called Org Seeds (オルグシード Orugu Shīdo) fired from her staff and chanting, Org Seeds, please allow the fallen to regain their enormous wicked power! Ogres, come in! Blessings go out!! (オルグシードよ、えゆかんとする邪悪じゃあくふたた巨大きょだいなるちからを!おにうちふくそと Orugu-shīdo yo, kieyukan to suru jāku ni futatabi kyodai naru chikara wo! Oni wa uchi! Fuku wa soto!!).

When Highness Duke Org Ura was seemingly dead, she temporarily used his crown to become the Highness Duchess Org Onihime (ハイネスデュークオルグ オニヒメ Hainesu De~yūku Orugu Onihime, lit. Highness Duke Org Onihime). While affected by residual energy from the Thousand-Year Evil, TsueTsue became Armored TsueTsue (装甲ツエツエ Sōkō Tsuetsue). Her obsession for praise from the Highness Dukes led to her being tricked by Duke Org DoroDoro into cutting off her horn in order to capture Tetomu without being affected by the sacred spring, even saying that it would grow back.

Though she was near-death, TsueTsue couldn't see that she was only a pawn as she then was used by Highness Duke Org Rasetsu as a shield from the Hyakujuuken. But she was soon revived when Duke Org Yabaiba energized TsueTsue's severed horn with the Hyakujuuken's power, and used it as a fishing lure to bring her back from hell. As she was reeled out of hell, she carried the three Highness Dukes with her, rewarded her loyalty with the title of Org Shaman TsueTsue (オルグの巫女 ツエツエ Orugu no Miko Tsuetsue) and a new staff, though she didn't change forms. Afterwards, she was even more insane and driven even more for one purpose, serving the Highness Dukes to the point of creating the Org Heart that fused the Highness Dukes into Ultimate Org Senki. She and Yabaiba were then seemingly killed when their base collapsed on top of them following Senki's death.

Rasetsu sacrificing TsueTsue

After surviving the cave-in of their base, TsueTsue teamed up with the Universal Stealth Group Jakanja in Hurricaneger vs. Gaoranger to get her revenge on the Gaorangers. She was killed by the two teams' Victory Gadget/Hyakujuuken combo.

TsueTsue was resurrected a second time in GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai by a combination of a Gordom Engine and Chronos's magic (strangely, though she was destroyed on the battlefield, Chronos revived her in the Matrix) and assisted Chronos, Arch Priest Gajah, and Sorcery Priest Meemy. She was shocked to see AkaRed transform into her old enemy, GaoRed. She was used in the end as an ingredient to create a new Precious, the Staff of the Three Philosophers (3賢者の杖 Sankenja no Tsue), that powered Chronos up. After Chronos was destroyed by Burning Legend DaiVoyager, so too was the staff, and TsueTsue along with it.


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Powers and Abilities


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TsueTsue's Staff

Using the New Staff

Behind the Scenes


She was portrayed by Rei Saito, who also appeared as Sailor Pluto in the Sailor Moon musicals.


Concept Art


  • TsueTsue's name is based on the Japanese word for "staff/cane/wand" ( tsue).


  • TsueTsue's enlargement chant, "Oni welcome! Blessings depart!" (鬼は内!福は外! Oni wa uchi! Fuku wa soto!) is a perversion of a ceremonial chant that is the Japanese version of the American phrase, "In with the good, out with the bad." The usage of soybeans likewise is a perversion, with soybeans usually used during the holiday of Setsubun to drive away the evil spirits such as the Oni.
  • Even though she was given a new staff in the finale of Gaoranger, TsueTsue was seen with her original staff with no explanation in Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger and GoGo Sentai Boukenger vs. Super Sentai.


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