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Dryer Jigen (ドライヤージゲン Doraiyājigen?) (28): Originally a dryer infused with Tran's Dimensional Bug, Dryer Jigen calls himself the "Founding Dimensional Beast." In response to being called outdated, this monster unsuccessfully tries to prove itself by gathering madcap Grinams who share his plight to take out the Jetmen with. However, when it was about to finish them off, this monster is revealed to be a nice guy to everyone's shock as his Grinams ditch it. After an attempt to take two school girls hostage only to end up coming to terms with his goodness, this monster helps the Jetmen before leaving the scene at their request. Soon after, he takes up a job as an apprentice in a barbershop. Dryer Jigen was the only Dimensional Monster in this series to not be destroyed at all.



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