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The Drunn Soldiers (ドルン兵 Dorun-hei) are the footsoldiers of the Druidon Tribe who are commanded by the generals. In episode 32, a Drunn Soldier was the host of the Jack-o'-lantern Minosaur.


The Drunn Soldiers have metal helmets for their heads, a brown and silver breastplate that have yellow Druidon Tribe symbols, and shoulder pads that are held by brown straps and have white and black patterns and a white orb in the middle. Their attires consist of a black uniform with brown gloves and boots and a belt of that same color with a plaid white and black chessboard buckle.

Powers and Abilities

  • Portal Creation: They can create a chessboard-based laser portal to teleport from one place to another.


  • Spear: They wield a spear for offensive combat.
  • Shield: They wield a shield for defense.

Behind the Scenes

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Concept Art

  • Their design appears to be based on the typical motifs of pawn chess pieces and Spanish conquistadors.
  • The Drunn Soldiers are the first foot soldiers to own a shield, which makes them the first to have a mean of self defense.


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