This article is about a/an an army of footsoldiers in Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger and Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Season 2.

The Droans (シャチーク Shachīku, Shatieeks) are the Blatantly Evil Marketing Firm B's salaryman-like footsoldiers and are referred to as Sacrificial Corporate Drones (社畜 Shachiku), due to their eagerness to take a killing blow meant for their superiors. They are essentially faceless and wear whatever uniforms or clothes their human forms wear. They can be heard shouting "Norma" (ノルマ Noruma, Quota) and "Zangyou" (ザンギョウ(残業) Zangyō, Overtime).

Upon the Blatantly Evil Marketing Firm B's transition to the Delusion Empire, the Droans temporarily trade their work clothes for blue military uniforms. Ep. 11: The Second Generation is a Fresh and Painless Warrior

Behind the scenes


The Shatieeks (in Season Tsuu) are voiced by Yuuki Anai (穴井 勇輝 Anai Yūki)[1] and Kazuki Komine (小峰 一己 Komine Kazuki)[1]. They are portrayed by various unidentified suit actors.



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