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""Oooh! I can't wait to take these drills out for a spin.""
―Drilltron's first words upon being created[src]

""I'm gonna put holes all through ya!""
―Drilltron, prior to his first battle with the Rangers[src]

""No way!!""
―Drilltron's final words before his death which are audible mere milliseconds before exploding.[src]

The drill infected by Roxy to create him.

Drilltron is an impact drill-themed robotron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Drilltron listing.jpg

Character History

Drilltron was created when Roxy infected a dark blue drill she stole from an engineer's pocket. She installed one of Scrozzle's data chips on Drilltron to collect data on the core Rangers' beast powers. His actual mission however was to use his drill based abilities to force his way into a Morph-X Tower and steal all of it for Evox. After battling the Rangers in the park, Drilltron and Roxy headed underground, filling the tunnel behind them with boulders so that the Rangers couldn't follow.

Ravi, Nate, and Steel eventually located the villains in the storm drain system, where they were planning to drill into the base of the Morph X tower. The Blue, Gold, and Silver Rangers battled Roxy and Drilltron, forcing them to the surface. Ravi eventually found himself fighting Drilltron one-on-one. He used his gorilla strength against Drilltron, knocking the Robotron down, but unknowingly allowing the data chip to collect the necessary beast power data. Roxy retrieved the chip shortly before Ravi destroyed Drilltron with his Beast-X Blaster's Beast-X Blast.


Drilltron is mostly excited when there is a battle, so he mostly acts competitive.

Powers and Abilities

  • Durability: Being a drill themed monster, he is extremely durable, shrugging off multiple slashes from Ravi's Beast-X Saber.
  • Tunneling: Drilltron has the ability to drill tunnels by stabbing his right drill arm into the ground.


  • Right Drill Arm: He has a drill-like agitator on his right arm.
  • Left Drill Arm: He has four smaller longer drills on his left arm.

Behind the Scenes



  • Drilltron is the first Robotron that Ravi destroys by himself.
  • Roxy often calls Drilltron, "Drillie".
  • Drilltron is the first Robotron to have a Data Chip attached to him seeing as his episode was the first of the associated saga.
  • Unlike his Sentai counterpart, Drilltron's drill arm is not pinned to the ground with two Beast-X Sabers before Ravi destroys him with the Beast-X Blaster. This was removed due to very violent nature of it
    • However, in the shot of his destruction, the two Beast-X Sabers can still be seen stuck in his arm and he is kneeling down gripping his right arm in pain for no apparent reason.
  • His voice sounds similar to the Beast Wars character Waspinator, though he speaks normally and doesn't stress syllables to make a buzzing sound.

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