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"The Rangers are in for a subterranean surprise. Morphing Alpha Model into Drilldrone."
―Scrozzle as his computer announces the teleportation of Gigadrone.[src]

Drilldrone is an Alpha Model Gigadrone created from the data of Drilltron in Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

Character History

While Roxy and Drilltron attacked a Morph-X Tower from underground, she told Scrozzle to send a Gigadrone to the South Port tower to distract the Rangers. Nate, Ravi, and Steel overheard this, and informed Commander Shaw about the impending attack. Devon and Zoey took the Racer and Chopper Zords to the South Port tower to intercept the Gigadrone. However, Drilldrone teleported in underground and surprised the Rangers, blasting their Zords from below. None of the Zords' attacks could reach the Gigadrone, and they needed the Wheeler Zord to form the Beast-X Megazord. After Ravi destroyed Drilltron, he piloted the Wheeler Zord into battle. The Rangers formed the Beast-X Megazord and used its Hyper Strike to destroy Drilldrone. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Thrills and Drills

Powers and Abilities

  • Burrowing: Drilldrone can burrow deep under the city streets similar to Drilltron. It can burrow deep enough that the Racer Zord's sword can't reach it. Only the Beast-X Megazord's Hyper Strike has the necessary range.
    • Super Speed: Drilldrone is extremely fast while burrowing, zooming around under the streets.
  • Energy Lasers: Drilldrone can fire small, but very strong orange colored energy lasers in rapid succession. Where it fires them from is unknown since it spent most of its time underground.
  • Energy Blasts: Drilldrone can also fire energy blasts in rapid succession, but where it fires them is unknown since it mostly remained underground.


  • Right Drill Arm: Drilldrone's right arm is a massive drill although it was never used since it remained underground most of the time.
  • Left Multi-Drill Arm: Drilldrone's left arm is equipped with four smaller multi-pronged drills but it never used them due to staying underground.


  • Drilldrone is not voiced.
  • Drilldrone is the first Gigadrone in Power Rangers Beast Morphers to have two different kinds of projectile/firepower based abilities instead of just having one.
  • Drilldrone has never fully seen due to its spending almost all of its time underground. Even when destroyed, we only saw close-ups of its head and torso though the Megazord. The image shown was only shown in Go-Busters.
  • Drilldrone is the third Gigadrone in Power Rangers Beast Morphers to have a stand-off projectile/firepower ability that does not consist of missiles, but rather lasers and energy blasts.
  • For some reason, instead of exploding like any other Gigadrone, the Drilldrone was instead seemingly sucked into a portal and out of existence.
    • In Go-Busters, this was because there was a BugZord/Gigatonic pod within it which was ejected when it was destroyed.

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