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The Drill Ressha (ドリル烈車 Doriru Ressha), formerly the Drill Cryner (ドリルクライナー Doriru Kuraina), is an Auxiliary Mecha in Ressha Sentai ToQger and also the ressha Akira Nijino uses to power the Yudo Breaker. Being a Darkliner before, it is capable of entering the Shadow Line's premises; giving the Rainbow Line access to its Shadow Towns.


Is a ressha that has a Drill mouunted on the cockpit of the Ressha. On episode 35, the Drill Ressha was mounted on the Build Ressha replacing the Build Ressha "hand" part.


While under the control of the Shadow Line, the Drill Ressha can be combined with a Kuliner Robo, being utilized as an attachment on it's right arm.


Before becoming a ToQger Ressha, it was once the Drill Darkliner, used by Akira when he was a shadow. However upon leaving the Shadow Line, Akira was able to summon the Drill Ressha in order to assist him and the other ToQgers by combining with either ToQ-Oh or Build DaiOh. The Drill Ressha soon proven even more useful by having the ability to transport the ToQgers to towns that had been completely conquered by the Shadow Line, given its former status as a Darkliner.

Unfortunately, Akira lost the Drill Ressha to the disgraced General Schwarz who wished to use it in his vendetta against Emperor Z by having his head up his own personal Kuliner to give it more power (with it even being able to combine with the Kuliner's robo mode. With the Drill Ressha gone, the ToQgers were left unable to travel into and free other Shadow Towns. However, Akira managed to get the Ressha back by forming a pact with Schwarz that he would assist him in overthrown Z so that he and the ToQgers could combine all of their Resshas with Hyper Ressha into ToQ Rainbow.


ToQ Ressha

Drill Ressha

Drill Ressha

Drill Ressha (ドリルレッシャー Doriru Ressha) - This ToQ Ressha powers up ToQ 6gou's Yudo Breaker. It can also summon the support Ressha, Drill Ressha.

In ToQger vs. Kyoryuger, ToQ 6gou loans the Drill ToQ Ressha to Kyoryu Gold, who uses it in his Zandar Thunder so he can effectively fight the Shadow Line.


  • Drill Ressha is one of the only Ressha which was previously a Kuliner.
  • Drill Ressha is similar to Shield Ressha because they both only attach to one of ToQ-Oh's arm.
  • Drill Ressha is the first drill themed Auxiliary mecha since GoGo Drill.
  • Drill Ressha is the first Auxiliary Mecha since Ika Origami to be in the ownership of a Sixth Ranger.


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