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Drill Horse (ドリルホース Doriruhōsu, 41) is a Mechaevolution Beast of the Tailed-People Clan Jashinka Empire, created by combining drills and a horse

Character History

Drill Horse was created to merely be a drill-inspired horse, but it and General Zenobia came up with a greater scheme for its' powers: the desire to find it a jetpack which was strong, fast and sturdy enough to change it into a Drill Pegasus (ドリルペガサス Dorirupegasasu), with the ability to fly around the world and destroy anything it wishes at mach speeds. For this scheme, a team of Tail Soldier bikers were set up to raid labs of various flying and jetpack equipment to use for Drill Horse to find the one suitable enough to help it fly through the air; however many of these flying devices weren't capable of handling it and fell apart rather easily. Ultimately Drill Horse finally gained a jetpack that was powerful enough to be usable, but the Dynaman ended up facing it down, due to one of the bike raids attacking the father of a child Dan encountered during the schemes. Drill Horse Pegasus' flight ability was too strong for the Dynaman to defeat at first but various maneuvers, including a speedy Mach Dash set and an attack of DynaRods after a Sky High DynaJump finally destroyed the wings, keeping Drill Horse grounded long enough for a New Super Dynamite.

After being grown by the Big Bang Beam, Drill Horse merely uses its drill attacks to strike DynaRobo; the team use a DynaFlash to stun it long enough for a Lightning Gravity Fall to destroy it.


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Modus and Arsenal

Drill Horse's natural equipment includes a drill for the right hand for direct attacks and a "drill missile" that it wears like a unicorn horn (and fire others from the shoulders), using for long-distance attacks. Once it gains its wings for "Drill Horse Pegasus" mode, it can use all of these abilities while flying through the air and has a round shield on the left arm.


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Behind the Scenes

  • Despite its "pegasus mode" being merely wearing a jetpack, Drill Horse is possibly the first "mythological" creature created as an Evolution Beast (if you take into count the drill horn makes it a unicorn). The final two Mechaevolution Beasts will be the only true mythological creatures used by Jashinka.
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