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Drill Cyclops (ドリルサイクロプス Doriru Saikuropusu) is the first and only Mosoborg (モウソボーグ Mōsobōgu, lit. "Delusion Borg") crafted by the Delusion Empire. It is equipped with drill arms and a drill horn on its head. The Akibarangers, led by Takuma Tsuzuki, destroyed it with their spinning Heart-Technique-Body Attack.

Drill Cyclops (Giant)

Drill Cyclops (giant) battling Machine Itasha

In Season Two, Drill Cyclops's appearance is retconned into the giant Dark Guerrilla Marketer Fortress Robot (暗黒ステマ城ロボ Ankoku Sutema-jō Robo) piloted by ©Na and is destroyed by Itashar Robo.

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