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""What is this?! Doridoru-sensei's mysterious journey!""
―Drill Banki's final words before his destruction.[src]

concept art

Drill Banki (ドリルバンキ Doriru Banki): A Savage Earth Barbaric Machine Beast who ends his sentences with -dori and can fire his Dri-Cam Attack from his drill on his head. He was sent by Yogostein to find the "Golden Dragon" in hope that it was the Horonderthal. Drill Banki accidentally revived the Ancient Engines instead and was berated by Yogostein to find them under the impression that they were the Horonderthal. Taking out his frustrations on the Go-Ongers, Drill Banki is the first to be destroyed by Kyoretsu-Oh and it's Kyoretsu Express attack.

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