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The DrillZord 2 (ドリルゾード2, Doriruzōdo Tsū) (D-10) is a MegaZord Alpha, with the properties of the Drilloid 2, namely the drills for arms and the shoulder pads.

This MegaZord is just like it's predecessor, as it hid underground and avoid fighting face to face. However, unlike the first DrillZord, it had twice as many BugZords, and it was over 3,000 meters below the surface, right inside a raw Enetron vein.

This MegaZord had guerrilla-style tactics, and was popping in and out of the earth around CB-01 Ace, and generally being a tough target to hit. However, it was caught by BC-04's hook after Red Buster hatched a plan to get the MegaZord out of the ground. It was then reeled back up to the surface, though Stag Buster used SJ-05 Stag Beetle to haul the MegaZord with little warning into the city, leaving it open for Beet Buster to fight with it on even ground.

It was shut down by Go-Buster Beet's Beet Cannon Burst.


  • Height: 50.5 m
  • Weight: 1490 t

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  • Unlike the original DrillZord, this version was clearly seen before it's destruction.

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