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Dream Battle is the thirty-ninth episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, continuing the Lost Galaxy arc. The episode introduces the monster Hexuba, an ally of Captain Mutiny in the Lost Galaxy. Walter Jones (the original Black Ranger of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) provides the voice of the Nightmare Monster.


Mutiny's ally, the evil witch, Hexuba, sends each of the Rangers flowers cast with a sleeping spell. In their dream state, they must battle the Nightmare monster and Mutiny's Swabbies. Mike is the only one to remain awake and he breaks Hexuba's crystal ball, releasing the Rangers from the dream. The Rangers must fight Hexuba.


Captain Mutiny's sorceress, Hexuba, uses her magic to cause the Power Rangers to fall into a deep restless sleep.

To achieve his goal of acquiring fresh slaves, Capt. Mutiny sets the sorceress Hexuba against the Rangers. Through intoxicating flower bouquets, she entraps the Rangers in a nightmare world replete with Swabbies, where whatever happens to them happens for real.




  • During the Megazord fight, the Rangers call upon the Stratoforce Megazord, but the Centaurus Megazord appears instead.
  • Hexuba didn't think to also put Alpha 6 to sleep with the flowers (it has been shown that 6's predecessor could sleep, and Alpha 6 was placed under an earlier albeit different sleeping spell in Silent Sleep), and the Rangers were careful not to show Alpha the flowers.
  • Despite the fact that the dream spell was broken, the Rangers still remained trapped in the dream dimension until Nightmare was destroyed.


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