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"Quiet down! Just see what I did to Cosmo with one of my cursed claws."
―Dreadwolf's first words to the Galaxy Warriors crowd.[src]

"I'll claw my way back from this! "
―Dreadwolf's final words before his initial defeat.[src]

"Told you I’ll be back!"
―Dreadwolf after being Gigantified.[src]

" You scratched me out!"
―Dreadwolf's final words before his destruction.[src]

Dreadwolf was a werewolf/knight-themed contestant in the second season of Galaxy Warriors and the main antagonist of the episode "Fan Frenzy."

Character History

Dreadwolf is first seen on the Galaxy Warriors Stage showing the audience how he has turned Cosmo Royale into a werewolf and cures him after giving him a piece of meat. His plan is to use his special claws to turn the Ninja Steel Rangers into his feral werewolf slaves and easily steal their Ninja Power Stars. Dreadwolf goes to Earth and encounters the Power Rangers. After the Rangers morph, Dreadwolf summons an army of Basherbots to aid him in battle and as the main five Rangers battle the Basherbots, Levi takes on Dreadwolf but he is overpowered and blasted down by Dreadwolf's signature Full Moon Energy Blast. Dreadwolf attempts to turn Levi into a werewolf using his Werewolf Claws but it misses and hits Mick in the head instead. Whilst he becomes a werewolf, Levi is able to easily overpower the werewolf monster which forces him to retreat as he is out of werewolf claws. He gets more claws and returns to Metro Plaza, spotting Chaz, who he mistakens for the Gold Ranger due to him having the Gold Ranger's normal outfit (though Chaz is merely a fan of Levi's). Dreadwolf gets down and attempts to attack Chaz with his Werewolf Claws though they also miss and ends up hitting Victor Vincent but he is able to hit Chaz with the last Werewolf Claw. He then encounters the Rangers after they see that Chaz has been transformed into a werewolf though Dreadwolf is surprised when he finds out that Levi is the real Gold Ranger. He tries to escape to get more claws with the Rangers in pursuit as Levi helps Chaz. The Rangers try to battle Dreadwolf but his armor is too strong so Levi borrows the Lion Fire Armor Star from Brody and becomes Lion Fire Gold, allowing him to overpower Dreadwolf and weaken his armor. Dreadwolf tries to fight back with his Full Moon Energy Blast but the Gold Ranger is easy able to destroy them. With the Double Flame Strike, Dreadwolf is destroyed.

Dreadwolf is gigantified and the Rangers form the Ninja Steel Ultrazord to take him on. Dreadwolf fires energy waves but the Ultrazord fires its Ninja Ultra Strike, which critically weakens him. With the Ninja Ultrazord Blast final attack, Dreadwolf is destroyed for good.


Dreadwolf was a very aggressive and very rough monster who showed no mercy. However, he was also very clever as he analyzed his enemies before choosing who to turn into a werewolf. Dreadwolf was very boastful and thought highly of himself which ultimately led to his defeat since he turned Chaz instead of Levi.

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Dreadwolf could teleport to any location at will in a large column of yellow energy.
  • Full Moon Energy Blast: Dreadwolf's signature attack where he would raise his arms around his sides and above his head, forming a full moon behind him. He would then yell the attack's name and swing his arms very rapidly to throw red energy waves from his palms. This was powerful enough to knock down five Rangers with one blast.
  • Energy Waves: Dreadwolf could fire red colored energy waves from his palms which caused massive explosions but failed to faze the Ninja Ultrazord.


  • Skilled Fighter-Dreadwolf was able to fight and defeat all six Rangers in battle.
  • Basherbot Summoning: Dreadwolf could summon an army of Basherbots to aid him in battle.
  • Armor: Dreadwolf's armor was able to resist multiple slashes from the Ninja Star Blades and Rockstorm Blast since they had no effect on him.


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  • Claws: Being a werewolf-type monster, Dreadwolf had razor sharp claws.
  • Werewolf Claws: Dreadwolf possessed a set of special throwing knives shaped like claws that he could throw at his enemies, turning anyone they struck into a werewolf. When the claws were removed, they disintegrate, and the victim returns to normal.

Behind the Scenes



  • Dreadwolf was a wolf and knight-themed monster.


  • His name was derived from dread and werewolf.


  • Dreadwolf was the first proper monster-of-the-week since Game Goblin seven episodes earlier as the Galactic Ninjas served as the main antagonists for five episodes, one and a half episodes was focused on Foxatron, and one episode was a special crossover.
  • In Ninninger, Dreadwolf belonged to the Three Great Western Youkai alongside Western Youkai Dracula and Franken. In Power Rangers, Dreadwolf never met Deceptron or Fangore.
    • As their name suggests, unlike the other Youkai, these three were the only ones not based upon legendary Youkai and instead famous movie monsters from Europe and America. Dreadwolf was physically built upon a modified version of the Wolfman from the Universal film of the same name.


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