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"How ya doin’? You got a big job? You called the right monster."
―Dreadfeather's first words upon being summoned by Porto.[src]

"Hey! Let me down!"
―Dreadfeather after being anchored in place by Storm Blaster and his final words before his demise.[src]

Dreadfeather was an Archaeopteryx monster who served as the main antagonist of the episode "The Wheel of Fate".


Dreadfeather is summoned by Divatox to seek out the legendary vehicles known as Storm Blaster and Lightning Cruiser so that her crew will have the firepower to finally destroy the Turbo Rangers. He first goes to the Omega Quadrant and soon locates the cars after sitting on their asteroid from him as energy fireballs.

He then accompanies Elgar and some Piranhatrons to capture the vehicles although they escape. He then goes with the group again which results in a confrontation with T.J. and Justin, ending with the capture of Justin and Storm Blaster.

He is then seen at the warehouse several times torturing Storm Blaster before T.J. and Lightning Cruiser break them out.

When Divatox arrived, Elgar is sent with Dreadfeather to destroy the Rangers in their own car. Whilst Elgar fights the others, Dreadfeather attacks Justin and T.J.. After a long battle, Dreadfeather is winched in place by Storm Blaster and annihilated by Lightning Cruiser's lasers.

Dreadfeather is unable to be enlarged as he is destroyed off of the ground and thus the torpedoes are unable to reach and enlarge him.


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Powers and Abilities


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  • Pickaxe: In battle, he wielded a pickaxe.

Behind the Scenes


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  • The reason that Dreadfeather never grew is because his Sentai counterpart was completely destroyed by Pegasus Thunder and so could not eat the Imo-youkan to grow.
  • In "Flashes of Darkonda", the head of Dreadfeather was combined with the body of a Ptera Dreg to form a random monster on Onyx that was briefly seen falling off the balcony during the Quantrons' pursuit of Andros.


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