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"I'm Draknarok!"
―Draknarok's first words when introducing himself to Void Knight.[src]

"My name is Draknarok!"
―Draknarok's catchphrase when no one remembers his name.[src]

"You know what happens if a Sporix Beast fights long enough? Spoiler alert. We grow!"
―Draknarok before growing.[src]

"Let's Drakna-rock!"
―Draknarok when confronted by the Dino Fury Megazord and his final words before his reversion to a Sporix Egg.[src]

Draknarok was a dragon-themed Sporix Beast and the fourth Sporix Beast from the Sporix Army to awaken. He worked under Boomtower. He served as the main antagonist of the episode "New Recruits". He was also the brother of Flapnarok.



Draknarok during the Sporix Wars

Over 65 million years ago, Draknarok and the other Sporix Beasts invaded Rafkon, the home planet of Zayto. Though he and his fellow Knights of Rafkon fought hard, the Sporix ravaged Rafkon and removed all traces of life from the planet. Draknarok was seen giant sized on Rafkon using his fire breath on the planet. The Sporix then turned their attention to Earth but Zayto and the remaining Knights had managed to escape Rafkon and tracked the Sporix Beasts to Earth where they engaged them in battle with the help of the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Despite the Knights initially having the upper-hand against the Sporix, most of them grew enough in power over time to grow giant and force the Knights of Rafkon and thier dinosaur allies to retreat. When all seemed lost however, the Morphin Masters arrived and bestowed the Morphin Grid's powers to Zayto and his followers, as the first Ancient Dino Fury Rangers which gave them the advantage they need to defeat the Sporix Beasts and seal them inside of their eggs.

Dino Fury

When the Sporix are accidentally released in the modern day during Void Knight's invasion of Dinohenge, Draknarok's egg is amongst the Sporix that escape. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Destination Dinohenge

Draknarok later hatches at an unknown location and is brought to Area 62 by Mucus who has found and recruited him. However, his appearance was overshadowed by the creation of Boomtower, the next commander of the Sporix Army. Void Knight orders Draknarok to steal the Nephrite Orb solo originally until Boomtower decides that he wants to take the orb himself so Draknarok joins as muscle for Boomtower as they leave for the Pine Ridge Museum where the Nephrite Orb is being kept. The two of them teleport there alongside Mucus and quickly acquire the Orb but the trio are confronted by the Dino Fury Rangers who have been alerted via the Ranger Hotline thanks to Javi Garcia. Amelia uses the Sprint Dino Key to cause Boomtower to drop the Orb and Zayto uses the Gravi Dino Key to tie him and the latter up to keep them from retrieving it. This allows Javi to grab the Orb and drive away but, thanks to Mucus, Draknarok and Boomtower manage to find Javi and demand that he give them the Nephrite Orb or else but help comes from the Rangers and Javi's step-sister Izzy.

Draknarok proves to be a tough opponent for the Rangers to handle but, before he can roast them, Javi distracts him and Boomtower with his harmonica before smashing the orb onto a rock, revealing the Tiger and Stego Dino Keys which morph him and Izzy into the new Black and Green Rangers respectively. After the Hengemen are defeated and Boomtower retreats, the five Rangers surround Draknarok only for him to grow after fighting for too long and fights against the Dino Fury Megazord by tossing a boulder at it. However, the Megazord brushes it aside and slashs his tail off before defeating him with the Mega Slash. The attack launches Draknarok into the air before he slams back down on the ground and explode. Draknarok immediately reverts back to his Sporix Cell form and is claimed by Zayto. Tvicon.png TV STORY-New Recruits

Later on, Draknarok's Sporix alongside Vypeera, Smashstone, the one Boomtower took, and Roostafa are seen in the containment unit when Slyther tries stealing them. He ultimately fails and her Sporix Egg remains in Dinohenge. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Phoning Home

His sister, Flapnarok later hatched, however unlike him she served Void Queen, not Void Knight.


Draknarok was tough and took his job seriously but he also got easily annoyed when no one remembered his name. It appeared he was intelligent as when Javi ran from him, he teleported in front of him quickly to corner him and this showed his sadistic side as he described they would take the Nephrite Orb from him the fun way if he refused, which would probably involve hurting him. When surrounding the Ranger trio with Boomtower, he described wanting to roast the Rangers and possibly wanting to eat them saying how yummy they would be. Draknarok seemed to have no fear toward his superiors as seen when he was working under Boomtower, he called the robotic warrior a klutz for dropping the Orb and undermined him for not being able to say his name properly.

Powers and Abilities


  • Fire Breath: Being dragon-themed, Draknarok could generate purple or orange waves of flame from his mouth.
  • Teleportation: Draknarok could teleport to any location at will in a massive purple energy streak.
  • Enlarging: Like all Sporix Beasts, Draknarok could enlarge himself by tapping into the energy he gained in battle over time.
  • Shockwave Roar: Draknarok was able to release a shockwave by letting out a loud roar when he grew giant.


  • Strength: Draknarok was strong enough to throw Ollie and Amelia off his back with ease.
  • Durability: Draknarok had thick armored skin that allowed him to take multiple hits.


  • Sensitive Hearing: Draknarok appeared to have extremely sensitive hearing as seen when he and Boomtower couldn't stand Javi's harmonica music.


  • Claws: Despite lacking in conventional weapons, Draknarok could fight using his large curved claws.
  • Dragon Tail: Draknarok had a long tail to whip and smack his enemies with.
  • Boulder: When he grew giant, Draknarok threw a large boulder at the Dino Fury Megazord but it had no effect.

Behind the Scenes




  • Draknarok's name was a play on the words "dragon" and Ragnarök (the Norse term for the end of the Gods).


  • With the exception of his Megazord fight, all of Draknarok's footage was original to Power Rangers due to his counterpart not being human-sized and was only a giant.
    • Also in the original footage, the yellow parts of his underside appeared to have a gold coloration.


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