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Dragra Bōma (ドラグラボーマ Doragura Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes under Neo-Lagorn.

Character History

A Boma Beast sealed within the body of the legendary Boma creature Dragras, Dragra Boma is sent forth by Neo-Lagorn to take advantage of both the Turboranger and Wandering Boma's defeat by conquering humanity through turning them into this Boma Beast's slaves. The Turboranger can do nothing to stop it, even after their teacher Ms. Yamaguchi is turned into one of its slaves, until Fairy Seelon does a risky move to remove Dragra Boma's teeth to make it less effective, then sacrifices its wings to Ms. Yamaguchi so that the five students can finally see her due to their power being sealed during Neo-Lagorn's awakening. With Seelon's confirmation that she believes in them, the Turboranger regain their power and defeat the returned Dragra Boma (after regaining his teeth from Neo-Lagorn), being destroyed by Red Turbo's GT Crash, then by Super Turbo Robo after being grown.


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A draconian/bat Boma Beast, its main ability is to turn humans into vampiric creatures with its sharp teeth.

Behind the Scenes


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