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Dragonoid Soldier Jaryuu (竜人兵ジャリュウ Ryūjinhei Jaryū, 2-49) are dragon-like warriors created by King Ryuuwon using his own blood and machinery. They are fewer in number when compared to the Karths, but more powerful, and are capable of speech.


In Task 21, with Uchide's Mallet, Ryuuwon made three of them grow to giant size. When the Boukengers formed Ultimate DaiBouken, he made them grow again, making them even twice the size of DaiBouken. However, Eiji Takaoka reclaimed the Mallet for himself, and made Ultimate DaiBouken grow in size to even the odds. Ultimate DaiBouken's Ultimate Blaster finished two of the Jaryuu, and SirenBuilder, still normal size, jumped down the third's throat and finished it off from the inside.

In Task 25, three Jaryuu made suggestions to Ryuuwon for their kind's benefits after eating the Fruit of Knowledge. In the end, all but one of the Jaryuu were killed off in the ritual to create the last Wicked Dragon, or so it seemed. At the end of the final episode, two Jaryuu are seen battling Dark Shadow and the Boukengers for the Ru-Yi-Bang Precious. Though their leader is gone, they are intent on carrying out his wishes.

Years later, a single Jaryuu managed to resurrect Ryuuwon with the Precious, the Heart of Hades. This revival was short-lived however, as Ryuuwon was soon destroyed by the Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Tvicon.png TV STORY-The Adventurer Heart


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Powers and Abilities


  • Poison Lizard Summoning: They can summon poisonous red lizards from their bodies.


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  • Sword: They all have a sword as their primary weapon.

Behind the scenes


The Jaryuu seen in Gokaiger was voiced by Tamotsu Nishiwaki (西脇 保 Nishiwaki Tamotsu).


Concept Art


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