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Dragon Monger (ドラゴンモンガー Doragon Mongā, 42) is the dragon-themed member of Machine Empire Black Magma.

Character History

Dragon Monger is created by Hell Saturn in a scheme to help Queen Hedrian cast a special hypnosis spell that will turn people into Black Magma supporters. Using his Dragon Sun technique, he creates seven artificial suns in the sky that create light even in the dark and even with the real sun in the sky; through these suns, it directs Hedrian's spell to hypnotize the masses to their will, from common citizens to members of the Guardians of World Peace that attack Sun Vulcan! While Sun Vulcan has a hard time trying to figure out the source of the spell and deal with the Monger, a boy who ends up sleeping even during the "day-for-night" ends up encountering Dragon Monger in his dream, allowing for them to trace the spell's origin to him and thus fight it. Sun Vulcan use their combined swords to break the hypnosis spell, then fight Dragon Monger, defeating it with Vulcan Ball that transforms into a muzzle that prevents the Monger from releasing his Dragon Bombs, making them blow up in his face. After growing with its Expansion Program, Sun Vulcan Robo uses its V-laser on its chest to stun it until finishing it off with Aura Plasma Returns.


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His main ability is the creation of special balls from his mouth that can be used two ways: either as a "Dragon Sun", thrown into the air as a firework to create artificial light into a dark area (or be manipulated by magic to cast a hypnosis spell), or a "Dragon Bomb" that can be used as a projectile attack. He can also use a double sided sword, create Dragon Mines to attack the ground via energy surges, and create an energy tornado from his horns called the Dragon Whirlwind.

Behind the Scenes


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