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Human form Dracula monster

Dracula Monster's human disguise

The Dracula Monster (ドラキュラ怪人, Dorakyura Kaijin) is the twenty-second of Egos' Monsters. He could disguise himself as a human, use his claws to drain blood and act like boomerangs, was equipped with a double sided naginata that caused explosions on contact, and could jump high. Dracula Robot had the same naginata and jumping capabilities.


  • Dracula Monster shares infamy with Can Opener Mask as being the only monsters-of-the-week that lead to the downfall and replacement of a Sentai Ranger; however Dracula Monster only lead to the disabling and departure of Diane Martin while Can Opener Mask lead to the death of Daigoro Kumano (Kirenger II) and his replacement by the return of Daita Oiwa.


  • Dracula Monster was designed by character designer Ryuu Noguchi.
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