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Dr. Runga is a paleontologist and ally of the Dino Charge Rangers.

Character History

In his youth, Dr. Runga dreamed of meeting a real life dinosaur, which led him to pursue the career of paleontology. He proved quite successful, finding hundreds of valued fossils and getting at least one book published. Unfortunately, as time went by he became competitive and obsessed with becoming famous rather than pursuing his field because of his childhood enthusiasm. He was also one of a number of experts who shared the opinion that certain cryptids, such as the Loch Ness Monster or New Zealand's Taniwha, might in fact be plesiosaurs, and had a plesiosaur tattooed on his arm.

One of Runga's digs led him to New Zealand, where he uncovered several fossils that he hoped would get him on the front cover of a magazine, but was informed that the find would only warrant a back cover shot. Disappointed, he was then approached by the Dino Charge Rangers in civilian form, with Shelby Watkins - a long time admirer of Runga's work - speaking for the group. Upon hearing from them that they were interested in learning where a plesiosaur would live if one were still alive, he believed them to be looking for the Taniwha, and gave them directions as to a plesiosaur habitat. Runga was later menaced by Fury, who press-ganged him into helping Sledge's Outlaws find the Plesio Zord so that they could destroy it, promising Runga fame for his discovery.

Runga tracked down Shelby and her friends, and after seeing a video of the Plesio Zord on Shelby's phone arranged to get ahold of the phone and email the video to himself. He then released a snapshot from it and announced a press conference at which he intended to release the entirety of the footage, only to be confronted by an aghast Shelby. After being shamed by the fellow enthusiast, Runga trailed the Rangers to the cave where the Plesio Zord had taken refuge, and was then informed of the true nature of the "living dinosaur." Fury and his forces - including the reanimated monster Meteor - then attacked, seeking to destroy the Plesio Zord. Fortunately, Runga helped the Rangers unite the Zord with the Purple Energem, and then informed Shelby - whose confidence he had regained - that their secret was safe with him. Deep Down Under

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