Dr. Norton Morton

Dr. Norton Morton is a leading volcanologist in the state. He was portrayed by Peter Daube (who is also the voice of his monster form Horn-Rimmed Monster).


Dr. Oliver had asked him if he would come to Reefside High School's science class and teach them about volcanoes. Dr. Morton agreed. Dr. Morton was teaching the class when a young girl walked in 20 minutes late for class. Dr. Morton asked who she was and the young girl replied that she was Cassidy Cornell and that she was in his class. Dr. Morton told her that wasn't possible because the class had started 20 minutes ago. Cassidy went into a tirade about unable to do her hair and wearing last year's clothes. Cassidy finally sat down and Dr. Morton continued with his lecture. He asked the class what had was in Reefside a billion years ago. Ethan stated a volcano and the class erupted in laughter. Dr. Morton hushed the class and told them that Ethan was right. He asked Ethan how he knew. Dr. Morton was flattered when Ethan referred to him as a leading volcanologist and Ethan continued with the class studying volcanoes. Dr. Morton complimented Ethan on his reasoning skills and continued with the class. After school, Dr. Morton was working at the blackboard when he heard a sound. He turned around and faced several Tyrannodrones. Scared, he asked them if they were here for detention. Dr. Morton received another shock when Elsa appeared at his side. She looked familiar to him and he told her so. Dr. Morton was distracted when a invisiportal appeared. Dr. Morton reached up a hand towards it and was sound within the invisiportal. Dr. Morton ended up in Mesogog's Island Fortress and was placed into clear container and transformed into the Horn-Rimmed Monster. When the Rangers destroyed the Horn Rimmed Monster, Dr. Morton was returned to normal. He wandered along the city in a daze and Conner asked him if he was okay. Dr. Morton simply began talking about dormant volcanoes suddenly erupting before he went on his way.Isn't it Lava-ly

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