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Dr. Kender is a scientist who worked at Angel Grove University in the 1980s.


Needing a phase modulator for a device to use the Zeo Crystal's power to reverse the Orb of Doom's time reversal of Earth, Billy Cranston went to Angel Grove University in hopes of obtaining one, though under the pretense of using it for an experiment in crystal energy coherence.

Dr. Kender, impressed by his interest in science, was happy to lend him a phase modulator that was donated to them by NASA.

Zeo Serial

One day, Dr. Kender was waiting at an observatory for fellow scientist Dr. Jewel, and opened the roof while he arrived.

The two discuss a recent disturbance in Earth's atmosphere. She speculates it to be a meteor, while he's disbelieving. She asked about the contents of his briefcase, from which he hands her a photo of a Machine Empire gear ship, which prompts her to ask if they have anything to fear. Jewel responds that they shouldn't, unless there's more of them.

As the two head out, they are caught by reporter Wolfgang Blizzard who was referred to them by custodian Joseph Saunders as people who could verify his own claim of an alien vehicle.

Upon being interviewed by Blizzard, she denies claiming it to be an alien spaceship. When asked if the aliens might be peaceful, Dr. Kender said it was too soon to tell as their intents aren't known.


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