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Dr. Kagami is a computer engineer who is considered the "father" of Liner Boy, having created his artificial intelligence unit while becoming a new father shortly before completing GoGoFive's new weapon. Denus decides to use this to gain Liner Boy for the Psyma, abducting Kagami's newborn son and threatening to kill him unless Kagami reprogrammed Liner Boy to assist her and the Psyma. The scientist was willing to go along with it until Shou convinced him to not abandon either of his sons and to acknowledge the mech as one of his own just like his own son. With his encouragement, Kagami frees Liner Boy from Psyma control and allows the team to use him once again.

Behind the scenes


Dr. Kagami was portrayed by singer Kentarou Hayami (速水 けんたろう Hayami Kentarō).


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