This article is about a/an character in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.

Dr. Jewel is a scientist.


Dr. Jewel drove to the observatory one day, while hearing a radio report of a disturbance in space, but no danger being confirmed. Upon his arrival he sees the roof opening up and goes in to be greeted by Dr. Kender.

The two discuss the disturbance of Earth's atmosphere, while disbelieving her speculation of the cause being a meteor. When questioned on the contents of his briefcase, he presents her with a photo of a Machine Empire gear ship from the space telescope. Kender asks if they have anything to worry about, while Jewel states that to be the case only if there's more of them (which unknown to him, there was).

As the two head out, they are caught by reporter Wolfgang Blizzard who was referred to them by custodian Joseph Saunders as people who could verify his own claim of an alien vehicle.

Jewel and Kender refrain from mentioning the extraterrestrial nature of their discovery, though Blizzard is unconvinced.


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