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"You may be the base commander, but I'M the commander in here, so while you're in the infirmary, I give the orders, understood?"
―Dr. Felix[src]

Dr. Felix is the Chief Medical Officer of S.P.D. He is the only one, aside from Fowler Birdie, who can give orders to Commander Cruger, when the Commander's health is at risk. His orders are not always followed, as proven when Cruger and B-Squad left sick bay to help Jack and Z against Icthior.

Character History

  • Dr. Felix is the same species as Dr. Kat Manx, meaning he must have come from the same home planet as her. This means his home planet was destroyed by Grumm.


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Powers and Abilities

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Behind the Scenes


  • Dr. Felix is portrayed by Owen Black.
  • Greg Aronowitz, producer of SPD, states in Part 4 of his SPD blog, that Dr. Felix was only introduced because as soon as the writers decided to bring back Isinia they felt bad for Kat and wanted her to have a second love interest.
  • He also said that he made him more cat-like than Kat, to sell the point, but admits he may have gone overboard with the tiger stripes and the "David Lee Roth wig".


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