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Dr. Belrab lives in Blue Bay Harbor. He is a friend of Sensei Kanoi and a botanist. Cam came to see him and show him some seeds that Shane, Tori, and Dustin had found. After Dr. Belrab puts on his glasses, he tells Cam the seeds are from the psedemia plant, a variety of the Venus Flytrap family. Cam is alarmed and Dr. Belrab notices that. He tells Cam not to worry, unless the seeds are given special mineral water, the plant would come to no harm. The closest mineral water is the volcanic springs and that is quite a hike. Dr. Belrab hasn't gone in awhile because of his huge corns. Dr. Belrab walks away and Cam realizes Dr. Belrab was referring to the large corn plants in his greenhouse. Later, Dr. Belrab is attacked and tied up. He hangs upside down until Tori and Dustin discover him. Tori and Dustin free Dr. Belrab, who tells them of the monster attack and how the monster has gone into his basement. Tori and Dustin have Dr. Belrab go to safety while they go after the monster. Later, the Power Rangers will destroy FlorabundacusNowhere to Grow

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