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Down and Dirty is the thirty-sixth episode of Power Rangers Ninja Storm.


Kapri, Marah, and Shimazu pilot three new Zords and attack the Rangers. Using two Samurai Star drones, they destroy the Zords. Kapri and Marah then destroy Shimazu.


Hunter and Blake have a disagreement on the track. Meanwhile, Marah and Kapri recruit Shimazu to pilot one of their new Zords. Kapri attacks in her Zord first, and battles the Megazords. Marah and Shimazu then join Kapri and overwhelm the Rangers. Cam evens up the odds by bringing the Samurai Star and two drones. This lets the Rangers form both combinations.

When Kapri's is the only Zord left, Tori tends to her personally. The defeated sisters take out their aggression by destroying Shimazu. Dustin breaks it to Kelly that he is leaving moto racing for freestyle. The Thunder brothers resolve their differences on the track.



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  • This marks the final appearance of Shimazu & later revive in the final episode.
  • Last morphed appearance of Cam until the team-up with the Dino Thunder Rangers in Thunder Storm.
  • This episode is also known for the first and only time viewers see Blake and Hunter in an escalated feud.
  • Marah and Kapri reveal themselves to be supposedly smarter and more sinister than they let on in this episode, but this comes into question as they appear to act the way they always have in future episodes.

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