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"Animal Combination!"
―Zyuohger's combination code[src]

"4! 5! 6! Zyu~oh~Wi~ld~!"
―Combination announcement for ZyuohWild[src]

"Complete, ZyuohWild!"
―Zyuoh Gorilla, Zyuoh Tiger, and Zyuoh Elephant announcing the complete combination[src]

Doubutsu Gattai ZyuohWild (動物合体ジュウオウワイルド Dōbutsu Gattai Jūō Wairudo, Animal Combination Beast Monarch Wild) is the second giant mecha of the Zyuohgers.


Big Wild Cannon

ZyuohWild (ジュウオウワイルド Jūō Wairudo) is the Giant Robo formation of Cube Gorilla with either Cube Tiger or Cube Shark as the hips and Cube Elephant or Cube Lion as the legs. To initiate the transformation, Zyuoh Gorilla activates Combine Mode on his Zyuoh Changer and inputs the corresponding number code for each Cube Animal involved in the combination. Once the combine function is initiated, three square portals appear in the sky which the designated Cube Animals pass through and then switch to Cube Mode before stacking on top of each other. The arms of Cube Gorilla move forward and Cube Gorilla's Big Wild Cannon (ビッグワイルドキャノン Biggu Wairudo Kyanon) folds in as the head folds out and lands on the back of ZyuohWild. Then, the head opens up and the combination is complete. All formations of Zyuoh Wild are armed with the Wild Cannon (ワイルドキャノン Wairudo Kyanon), formed from Big Wild Cannon's scope.  Should a situation arise where the Mecha becomes immobilized, Cube Gorilla can separate from its current combination to reform ZyuohWild with the other Cube Animals.  In any of its combinations, ZyuohWild is able to summon the auxiliary Zyuoh Cubes from the grid on its forehead to either provide support or be wielded in their weapons form.

ZyuohWild 6*5*4 (ジュウオウワイルド6*5*4 Jūō Wairudo 6*5*4) is the default combination, comprised of Cube Gorilla, Tiger, and Elephant. Although it possesses the same lower body as ZyuohKing 1*5*4, ZyuohWild 6*5*4 lacks the high-speed mobility of the other nor can it use the claws of Cube Tiger as weapons, instead, specializing in punching and ranged attacks. 

Its finisher is the Wild Rocket Knuckle (ワイルドロケットナックル Wairudo Roketto Nakkuru) where it shoots both of its fists three times at an opponent, striking them with a total of six projectile punches. ZyuohWild's other finisher is the Wild Cannon Beam (ワイルドキャノンビーム Wairudo Kyanon Bīmu), a supercharged blast from the Wild Cannon, usually performed alongside ZyuohKing's Zyuoh Slash as a team finisher.

Appearances: Zyuohger Episode 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 21, 34, 41-42, 45


Cube Gorilla is first accessed by Yamato in light of Gaburio's arrival on Earth, the first enlarged opponent he faces following his transformation into Zyuoh Gorilla which was granted through the Zyuman Power provided by Larry. Its availability is signalled by the flashing 6 button on Yamato's Zyuoh Changer which interrupts him as he prepares to summon Cube Eagle, Yamato proceedes to summon Cube Gorilla before boarding it at Larry's urging. Gaburia is not worried by the new mecha but is bombarded by cubes in its Cube Drop and then fires on the Cube but it avoids it using a swing line and smacks through the Player twice before blasting him and then ramming into Gaburio's mouth hard enough to dislocate it again. Once Cube Gorilla picks up and throws Gaburio down, Larry sends Amu and Tusk in to aid Yamato and they summon Cube Tiger and Cube Elephant and the two fuse with the new Cube to form ZyuohWild. Gaburio has set his jaw back in and charges, managing to eat its Wild Cannon but they deliver a beatdown strong enough to take him down before finishing off Gaburio with the Wild Rocket Knuckle. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 6: Wild Present

Forming ZyuohWild's 6*2*3 combination for the first time, Zyuoh Gorilla, Shark, and Lion made short work of the ShockerIcon-crosswiki.png cyborg monster, ShiomanekingIcon-crosswiki.png, whom Nalia enlarges, while Kamen Rider GhostIcon-crosswiki.png and YurusenIcon-crosswiki.png are filled with awe at the sight of the Zyuoh Cubes and their giant robot. Shiomaneking is soon enough blasted back by ZyuohWild's Wild Cannon before being finally finished off by the Wild Rocket Knuckle attack. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 7: Gho-Gho-Gho-Ghost Appears

Zyuoh Gorilla, Elephant, and Tiger summon their Cube Animals against the giant Yabiker to get him back for driving them into a frenzy with his Mufflerapper horn earlier. and Cube Gorilla takes down Yabiker with its cannon and a cuboid smack before they form ZyuohWild. They blast Yabiker with the Wild Cannon but he races through the blasts and shoulder rams the formation before delivering a major beat-down with his baseball bat which quickly takes it down. Fortunately, Cube Lion and Cube Shark maul Yabiker which allows Yamato to power down into Zyuoh Eagle and summon Cube Eagle which allows the remaining three Cubes to form Zyuoh King. They attack him from behind and then force a blade lock which allows ZyuohWild to shoot him in the back before they cut him away they finish him off with ZyuohWild's Wild Cannon Beam and Zyuoh King's Zyuoh Slash. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 8: Savanna's Melody

Forming ZyuohWild's 6*2*3 to face the giant Hanayaida in reality, they fight but Hanayaida quickly knocks it back and shrugs off multiple hits from the Wild Blaster. Instead, he sprays water from his watering can which forms a plant pot around him that not even ZyuohWild's Wild Rocket Knuckle cannot penetrate. However, Yamato has the idea to combine ZyuohWild and the recently unlocked Cube Mogura which forms ZyuohWild 6*2*3 Mogura Drill. They then petrate the plant pot and mortally wound Hanayaida with the Mogura Drill Zyuoh Break. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 9: A Day Does Not End

Facing the intensely intimidating power of Deathgalien's master Ginis' Massacre Machine Gift, Yamato opts to summon both ZyuohWild and ZyuohKing at once to face the mechanical monster when it enlarges itself. Zyuoh King tries to direct approach with the King Sword but it is smacked away so they perform the Zyuoh Slash and Wild Cannon Beam finishers but Gift blocks the attacks (Zyuoh Wild having swung its blaster for some reason) before drilling back Zyuoh King and blasting back Zyuoh Wild with both going down. Under orders from Naria, it then charges up its hand cannons and unleashes devastating lightning into the city which destroy much of it and rip apart the Giant Robos when they try to intervene whilst also de-morphed the Zyuohgers. As it prepares to charge up and obliterate the power however, it shuts down due to having wasted all of its power in that devastating attack so has to withdraw to recharge. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 10: The Most Dangerous Game

In a rematch with the recharged Gift, the Zyuohgers, after tripping it up through a combination of the EagRiser and four Zyuoh Busters, board their Zyuoh Cubes. Facing the giant robot with a renewed resolve and confidence in themselves as a team, the Zyuohgers were granted square rings guiding them to combine their six Zyuoh Cubes along with their two auxilary Cube Weapons to form Wild ZyuohKing for the first time. Gift unleashes its devastating doomsday blasts but they just walk through it and deliver a beat-down with the formation's fists. Though Gift prepares its attack to destroy the whole planet, they destroy it with the Zyuoh Dynamic Strike, which overpowers Gift's attack even though it fires a planet ending attack. Its attack is useless and the Dynamic Strike knocks it flat on its back where it explodes Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 11: Animals Assemble

Led by Tusk, the Zyuohgers bring forth both ZyuohWild and ZyuohKing armed with the Mogura Drill and Kirin Bazooka respectively to face the enlarged Hattena with ZyuohKing quickly opening fire on the giant hat only for him to evade Kirin Bazooka's firepower before attaching to ZyuohKing's head, resulting in Leo and Sela losing control as Hattena commandeers ZyuohKing with the Kirin Bazooka himself, opening fire on ZyuohWild. Tusk takes charge, however, and quickly turns the tables by outmanoeuvring Hattena as ZyuohWild leapt forward with the Mogura Drill piercing Hattena, thus forcing him off ZyuohKing. Combining the Zyuoh Cubes into Wild ZyuohKing, they then finish Hattena with the Zyuoh Dynamic Strike. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 12: The Short-Nose Elephant

Among the Zyuohgers' fourteen Zyuoh Cubes, Cubes Gorilla, Tiger, and Elephant become components of the ultimate combination, Wild Tousai Dodeka King. Tvicon.png TV STORY-Ep. 35: The Zyuohgers Last Day

Zyuoh Cubes

The Zyuoh Cubes (ジュウオウキューブ Jūō Kyūbu) are the personal mecha of the five core Zyuohgers. The Zyuohgers first summoned them from the Zyuoh Changers by by pressing the yellow button on the Changers' key pad. Afterwards, in a manner similar to the Origami of Shinkenger, the Zyuoh Cubes shrank into miniature versions of themselves and became the companions to their respective Zyuohgers. When attacked by giant Deathgalien Players, the Zyuoh Cubes grow giant, allowing the Zyuohgers to board them whereupon they rotate the faces of their Zyuoh Changers to form the image of a cube before inserting them into the Cube's consoles to control them. During battle, the Zyuoh Cubes can change from their animal to their cube forms for heightened defense as well as to perform slamming attacks.

Cube Gorilla

"Cu~be Go~rilla~!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

Cube Gorilla (キューブゴリラ Kyūbu Gorira) is Zyuoh Gorilla's Zyuoh Cube. Cube Gorilla is strong enough to lift up and throw giant Deathgalien players and is able to summon a cannon weapon named the Big Wild Cannon (ビッグワイルドキャノン Biggu Wairudo Kyanon) which it mounts on its shoulder.  The Big Wild Cannon can also be suspended in mid-air whereupon it lowers a trapeze for Cube Gorilla to swing on. 

Cube Gorilla forms the torso and arms of ZyuohWild in all of its combinations, the right arm of Wild ZyuohKing, the back torso of Wild Tousai King and a portion of the left leg of Wild Tousai Dodeka King while its cannon forms the back, head, and Wild Cannon of ZyuohWild, the chest plate and horns of Wild ZyuohKing and the left arm's weapon on Wild Tousai King.

Appearances: Zyuohger Episode 6-19, 21-22, The Heart Pounding Circus Panic, Zyuohger 23-26, 29-36, 38-40, Zyuohger vs Ninninger, Zyuohger 41-48, Life Received! Earth Champions Decisive Battle!

Cube Tiger

"Cu~be Ti~ger~!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

Cube Tiger's claws

Cube Tiger (キューブタイガー Kyūbu Taigā) is Zyuoh Tiger's Zyuoh Cube. Cube Tiger is armed with an extra pair of claws on its back which it uses to fling boomerang like energy blades at opponents. Forms the hips of ZyuohWild, ZyuohWild 6*5*3, ZyuohKing 1*5*4, and ZyuohKing 1*5*3, the torso of Wild ZyuohKing, the right shoulder of Wild Tousai King and the left foot of Wild Tousai Dodeka King.

Appearances: Zyuohger Episodes 1-6, 8, 10-19, 21-22, The Heart Pounding Circus Panic, Zyuohger 23-26, 29-36, 38-40, Zyuohger vs Ninninger, Zyuohger 41-48, Life Received! Earth Champions Decisive Battle!

Cube Elephant

"Cu~be Elepha~nt!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

Cube Elephant (キューブエレファント Kyūbu Erefanto) is Zyuoh Elephant's Zyuoh Cube. Cube Elephant's trunk is able to shoot an energy beam at opponents or an extinguishing mist to put out wildfires. Forms the legs of ZyuohWild, ZyuohWild 6*2*4, ZyuohKing 1*5*4, and ZyuohKing 1*2*4, the feet of Wild ZyuohKing, the left foot of Wild Tousai King and a portion of the right leg of Wild Tousai Dodeka King.

Appearances: Zyuohger Episodes 1-6, 8, 10-19, 21-22, The Heart Pounding Circus Panic, Zyuohger 23-26, 29-36, 38-40, Zyuohger vs Ninninger, Zyuohger 41-48, Life Received! Earth Champions Decisive Battle!

Other Formations

ZyuohWild 6*2*3

"3! 2! 6! Zyu~oh~Wi~ld~!"
―Combination announcement for ZyuohWild 6*2*3[src]

ZyuohWild 6*2*3 (ジュウオウワイルド6*2*3 Jūō Wairudo 6*2*3) is the robot formation of Cube Gorilla, Shark, and Lion, first formed to combat the Kaijin Shiomaneking which had been enlarged by a Dethgalien Continue during the Zyuohger's teamup with Kamen Rider Ghost. Like ZyuohWild, it uses the Wild Rocket Knuckle (ワイルドロケットナックル Wairudo Roketo Nakkuru) as its primary finisher.

Appearances: Zyuohger Episode 7, 9, 15, 41

ZyuohWild Mogura Drill

"Mogura Drill Zyuoh Break!"
―Zyuohger promulgation the finisher attack during a giant battle[src]

In any of its combinations, ZyuohWild can equip the Mogura Drill (モグラドリル Mogura Doriru) to perform the Mogura Drill Zyuoh Break (モグラドリル・ジュウオウブレイク Mogura Doriru Jūō Bureiku) finisher, the nature of which changes depending on which combination is using it.

ZyuohWild 6*2*3 Mogura Drill

ZyuohWild 6*2*3 Mogura Drill (ジュウオウワイルド6*2*3モグラドリル Jūō Wairudo 6*2*3 Mogura Doriru) is the first combination of ZyuohWild to equip the Mogura Drill. In this combination, ZyuohWild has only it's finishing move; the Mogura Drill Zyuoh Break. Said attack involves it spinning dozens of times like a top to build up momentum before charging forward to bore through the opponent with enough force to kill Hanayaida with one hit despite being shielded by a giant flower pot.

Appearances: Zyuohger Episode 9, 41

ZyuohWild 6*5*4 Mogura Drill

ZyuohWild 6*5*4 Mogura Drill (ジュウオウワイルド6*5*4モグラドリル Jūō Wairudo 6*5*4 Mogura Doriru): ZyuohWild's default combination equipped with the Mogura Drill.

This combination is exclusive to Zyuohger Episode 12.

Doubutsu Dai Gattai Wild ZyuohKing

"Great Animal Combination!"
―Zyuohger's combination code[src]

"4! 3! 2! 5! 1! 6! Wild ZyuohKin~g~!"
―Combination announcement for Wild ZyuohKing[src]

"Complete, Wild ZyuohKing!"
―Zyuohger announcing the complete combination[src]

Doubutsu Dai Gattai Wild ZyuohKing (動物大合体ワイルドジュウオウキング Dōbutsu Dai Gattai Wairudo Jūō Kingu, Great Animal Combination Wild Beast Monarch King) is the combined form of Zyuoh King and Zyuoh Wild as well as the first two auxiliary Cube Animals. After locating the mysterious bird Zyuman Bud, the other Zyuohgers attempted to retake the missing King's Credential but ultimately chose to stay in the human world when they saw that Yamato was willing to fight the Deathgalien Massacre Machine Gift on his own in order for them to return to Zyuland.  As a reward for their solidarity, the Zyuoh Changers bestowed upon them the ability to combine all of their Zyuoh Cubes into one powerful form. 

Bigger and stronger than either ZyuohKing or ZyuohWild, Wild ZyuohKing is able to equip the King Sword for close range combat and was stronger than even Massacre Machine Gift with even that robot's planet ending energy blasts being unable to stop it. It's finisher is the Zyuoh Dynamic Strike (ジュウオウダイナミックストライク Jūō Dainamikku Sutoraiku) where it shoots 8 energy beams from across its body that take the form of its component Cube Animals as they blast straight through the opponent. On top of being a one shot attack, it could be fired in a continuous stream strong enough to overwhelm Massacre Machine Gift's planet destroying blast.

Appearances: Zyuohger Episode 11-19, The Heart Pounding Circus Panic (credits only), Zyuohger 24-25, Zyuohger vs Ninninger

Wild ZyuohKing Kuma Axe

"Kuma Axe Zyuoh Impact!"
―Zyuohger promulgation the finisher attack during a giant battle[src]

In this form, Wild ZyuohKing equips the Kuma Axe (クマアックス Kuma Akkusu) to perform the Kuma Axe Zyuoh Impact (クマアックス・ジュウオウインパクト Kuma Akkusu Jūō Inpakuto) finisher, a powerful chop attack.

Appearances: Zyuohger Episodes 13-16, 18-19

Wild ZyuohKing Panda Axe

In this form, Wild ZyuohKing equips the Panda Axe to perform an unnamed finisher, a powerful chop attack.

This combination is exclusive to Zyuohger Episodes 19.

ZyuohWild Mogura Drill Kuma Axe

In any of its combinations, ZyuohWild can equip the Mogura Drill and Kuma Axe to perform an unnamed finisher, the nature of which changes depending on which combination is using it.

ZyuohWild 6*5*4 Mogura Drill Kuma Axe

ZyuohWild's default combination equipped with the Mogura Drill and the Kuma Axe.

Appearances: Zyuohger Episodes 21, 34, 42

ZyuohWild Special

"4! 3! 5! 6! Zyu~oh~Wi~ld~!"
―Combination announcement for ZyuohWild Special[src]

ZyuohWild Special (ジュウオウワイルドスペシャル Jūō Wairudo Supesharu) is the combination of Cube Gorilla, Cube Tiger, Cube Lion, Cube Elephant, Cube Kirin and Cube Mogura. This combination essentially uses ZyuohWild's default configuration, but everything below the knees comes from Wild ZyuohKing. Like ZyuohWild, it uses the Wild Rocket Knuckle (ワイルドロケットナックル Wairudo Roketo Nakkuru) as its primary finisher.

This combination is exclusive to Zyuohger Episode 30.

ZyuohWild Special Panda Axe

ZyuohWild Special equipped with the Panda Axe.

This combination is exclusive to Zyuohger Episode 30.

ZyuohWild 6*5*3

"3! 5! 6! ZyuohWild!"
―Combination announcement for ZyuohWild 6*5*3[src]

ZyuohWild 6*5*3 (ジュウオウワイルド6*5*3 Jūō Wairudo 6*5*3) is the robot formation of Cube Gorilla, Tiger, and Lion.

This combination is exclusive to Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger vs. Ninninger: Message from the Future from Super Sentai.


The Lupin Collection.



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