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"Doubletone’s been double teamed! No fair!"
―His last words before his first destruction.[src]
"Now I’m gonna make you all sad!"
―Double tone when turning into a Mega-Monster[src]
"Is it too late to strike a deal? I’ll take that as a NO!"
―Doubletone’s last words before his destruction.[src]

Doubletone is a two-toned Nighlok who is armed with a bamboo-like spear.

Character History

Laid back and disturbing in personality, Doubletone is sent by Octoroo to increase the River by doing what he loves best, making others cry. Appearing in the mortal realm before a boy named Ryan, he accomplish his goal by tricking the boy with a false promise of seeing his father again. His attack is the Tiger Tidal Wave creating a tiger from the right half of his body and a Sanzu River Wave from his left to take out two opponents. He is destroyed by Kevin and Mia after they find out his plan and then destroyed by the Samurai Megazord.Deal With a Nighlok

Doubletone later appeared at a Halloween party at the Nighlok Heaven to recount his battles with the Samurai Ranger. Party Monsters He compliments the Mooger trick or treaters costumes. Later, he proposes that the Nighloks haunt the rangers, making a spooky noise.

Powers and Abilities

  • Trickery: Doubletone is very good at making deals and then backstabbing the dealer.
  • Tiger Tidal Wave: He can create a Tiger Tidal Wave from the tiger on the right side of his body.
  • Sanzu River Wave: He can create a Sanzu River Wave from the right side of his body.
  • Super Tsunami-Doubletone's most powerful attack. He can fire his Sanzu River and Tiger Widak Wave attacks simaltaniously to slam into and wipe out his enemies. However, the amount of damage this would do is unclear because the combined attak from Mia and Keven that took down Doubleton destroyed this attack.
  • Fog Breath: Doubletone can create fog out of his tiger head.


  • Bamboo Staff: He is armed with a staff for battle. Can also be used as a javelin.

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